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You co-author these personalized romance books by providing the names, characteristics and places that customize your novel. Over 30 features to personalize - even include your dog or cat! Upload a photo to the cover and include a dedication to add that finishing touch. A fun, personalized gift to say, "I Love You". Choose from our full personalized romance collection below or select a category tab above. eBook editions now only $14.95.

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Explore details of Fifty Shades of You, for book lovers.
Fifty Shades of You

Erotic Parody

Explore details of Viking Hearts, for book lovers.
Viking Hearts

Romance Viking Style

Explore details of Captain Stupendo, for book lovers.
Captain Stupendo

Romantic Superhero Comedy

Explore details of Pirates of Desire, for book lovers.
Pirates of Desire

High Seas Action

Explore details of Art of Romance, for book lovers.
Art of Romance

Mystery Thriller

Explore details of Fierce Moon, for book lovers.
Fierce Moon

Werewolf Mystery

Explore details of Vampire Kisses, for book lovers.
Vampire Kisses

Vampire Romance

Explore details of Medieval Passion, for book lovers.
Medieval Passion

Medieval Epic

Explore details of Touchdown for Love, for book lovers.
Touchdown for Love

Romance in the End Zone

Explore details of Licensed to Love, for book lovers.
Licensed to Love

Spy Romance with Love

Explore details of Click for Love, for book lovers.
Click for Love

Internet Dating

Explore details of ER Fever, for book lovers.
ER Fever

Medical Drama

Explore details of Love's Next Door, for book lovers.
Love's Next Door

Romantic Comedy

Explore details of Western Rendezvous, for book lovers.
Western Rendezvous

Classic Western

Explore details of Tropical Treasure, for book lovers.
Tropical Treasure

Reality TV Fun

Explore details of Dark Embrace, for book lovers.
Dark Embrace

Gothic Vampire

Explore details of Wedding Favors, for book lovers.
Wedding Favors

Wedding Frenzy

Explore details of Z Love, for book lovers.
Z Love

Zombie Romance

Explore details of Love Factor, for book lovers.
Love Factor

Realty Music TV

Explore details of Starstruck, for book lovers.

Interplanetary Love

Explore details of Racing Hearts, for book lovers.
Racing Hearts

Stock Car Thrills

Explore details of By Magic Bound, for book lovers.
By Magic Bound

Paranormal Fantasy Romance

Explore details of Pride and Prejudice, for book lovers.
Pride and Prejudice

Be Elizabeth or Mr. Darcy

Explore details of Phantom of the Opera, for book lovers.
Phantom of the Opera

Gothic Tale of Obsessive Love

Explore details of Jane Eyre, for book lovers.
Jane Eyre

The Bronte Classic

Explore details of Persuasion, for book lovers.

Web of Romance and Intrigue

Explore details of Dracula, for book lovers.

Story to Sink Your Teeth Into

Explore details of Northanger Abbey, for book lovers.
Northanger Abbey

High Society and True Love

Explore details of Sense and Sensibility, for book lovers.
Sense and Sensibility

Touching Romantic Classic