Touchdown for Love - a personalized romance book.

Touchdown for Love

Romance in the End Zone

240 pages  •  4 characters  •  30 features to customize
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Our hero is an All-American star quarterback with a bad-boy image and a heart of gold. Team management engages the professional services of our heroine, a charming and charismatic publicist, to quell the flames but sparks fly...   Read More 

In Touchdown for Love, a sizzling hot NFL quarterback finds himself repeatedly in trouble with management. To keep him in line and to improve his image, they hire a charming, charismatic publicist. Our handsome hero doesn't want to admit that he needs help from anyone, especially her. He's been burned before, by the media and by a woman...

For our determined publicist her work is her life, and he is simply a new challenge. She goes to work chipping away at our hero's hard exterior, realizing she may have to execute an end run to get him on her side. Dinners, dancing, and dynamic conversations bring about a major change, as the celebrity QB goes from barely tolerating her to seeking her out in a crowd.

Our heroine delivers on hard promises so that her client can regain his privacy, even as she begins to give up some of her own. As they visit each other's homes and set up important charity events, they begin to experience feelings that seemed impossible at first. Enthusiastically encouraged by their best friends, the stars of our story begin to process those feelings. Unfortunately, in the celebrity world news breaks faster than they hope, and fear of the feelings between them is the only thing that could make our heroine run.

It's up to their best friends to get them back in the game, back in balance, and back together again. Can our star QB get past his unhappy romantic history so he can be with her? Can our purely professional publicist look past her rigid self-imposed rules and restrictions and finally live her life? Will they be blitzed by their own stubbornness, leading to a catastrophic fumble, or will they adapt the game plan and get a touchdown for love?

With football, love, and plenty of laughs, Touchdown of Love is the romance for sports fans and sports-fan-lovers alike.

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Applause for Touchdown for Love

"My husband ordered Touchdown for Love for me (starring me) and I love it! For fun, I read some of the book out loud during halftime while watching the game. Can't wait for the next tailgate party!"Cindy F., Redwood, CA
"I'm a football junky and I received Touchdown for Love as a gift from my girlfriend. I was the lead character - the hero superstar quarterback that in the end gets the girl of his dreams. We read it together and had fun with it. What an amazingly creative gift!"Ben F., Detroit, MI
"I received Touchdown for Love for my birthday and have to say it's one of the best and most unique gifts I've ever received. I think my hubby also enjoyed it."Jenny C., Spokane, WA

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