Fifty Shades of You - a personalized romance book.

Fifty Shades of You

Erotic Parody

244 pages  •  4 characters  •  26 features to customize
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In Fifty Shades of You, we take a satirical personalized poke at the madly popular book by E.L. James. To add to the debauchery we've switched the lead roles - our heroine is the high power CEO that cracks the whip and keeps our hero begging for more!   Read More 

Our heroine is a rich and powerful business owner with a penchant for control in all aspects of life. She carries a dirty secret in the curl of her smile, and it's only when our hero trips and lands face down on her office floor at their first meeting that the theme of their relationship establishes itself and secrets are slowly revealed. The sight of him causes a stir somewhere within her, and she finds herself unable to focus on anything else. She needs him in her playroom, now! Her first lesson: MORE is not a great safe word!

...But not everything goes smoothly for the pair as things heat up and the humor starts to roll. It soon becomes obvious that the hero has a secret of his own, and a very important one that he should've mentioned earlier. From a bed that literally catches fire to the sting of soap in the eye -- and then there's the little incident in the hero's room, which is humiliating for any man -- each of them may have gotten more than they bargained for and without the utterance of a safe word, anything goes!

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Applause for Fifty Shades of You

"My best friend sent me Fifty Shades of You book for my birthday and I wasn't sure what to expect. Turns out, this story has everything I could've hoped for! Comedy, drama, and a ton of scenes that had me blushing. Oh, my!"Linda W., Paterson, NJ
"Not only did my husband surprise me with your Fifty Shades book for our anniversary, he wrapped it in a box along with a blindfold and a pair of handcuffs! Needless to say, this story has certainly helped change our bedroom routine; our bed is on fire, too!"Karin P., Nitro, WV
"When my wife showed me this book, I laughed. I laughed even more when I read it! Now she and I dominate a hilarious love story, and we're telling all of our friends to submit themselves as well."Howard K., Erie, PA

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