Personalized Teen Books for Boys

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Your teen will be logging off his game device and turning down the TV when he sees his name in a personalized book! Available in paperback, hardcover and immediately downloadable ebook editions that can be read on any eReader or mobile device. Include his photo on the cover or in his ebook!

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A ruthless thief breaks into a museum, the youngest detective on the force (our hero) and the art conservation intern (our heroine) clash as they try to solve the crime. He suspects an inside job; she's certain a painting hides the key to a golden treasure - and the consequences could be deadly!

Sherlock Holmes

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's brilliant detective hunts for clues in twelve cases ranging from international intrigue to domestic disputes. Now you can delve into these classic mysteries yourself by portraying Sherlock Holmes, loyal friend, Dr. Watson, or even elusive, beautiful Irene Adler.

The Mysterious Affair at Styles

Agatha Christie's debut mystery, now featuring you in the role of her most famous detective Hercule Poirot! Or perhaps you'd like to act as the stalwart narrator, Lieutenant Hastings? It's up to you in this captivating tale of murder-by-poisoning at an isolated manor in the British countryside. A classic mystery for would-be detectives everywhere!

Treasure Island

One of the most thrilling pirate adventures of all time -- is now available in a personalized edition. Imagine starring as the young boy who climbs aboard the Hispaniola with Long John Silver and his band of mutineers!

Robert Louis Stevenson's classic tale features both swashbuckling action and important lessons about responsibility, greed, bravery and loyalty in a timeless saga of seafaring excitement. Treasure Island is perfect for the boys on your shopping list.

Robin Hood

This enduring classic version of the legendary noble outlaw is now available as a personalized novel starring you or the lucky children in your life. Explore Sherwood Forest and help the poor find justice while evading the evil Sheriff of Nottingham!

Kids and adults alike can imagine themselves as Robin Hood, Maid Marian, Little John, and more! The personalized edition of Robin Hood will be treasured forever.


Bram Stoker's immortal novel of gothic horror lets you confront -- or become -- the infamous Count Dracula yourself in literature's most famous vampire tale. Visit Transylvania and discover the haunting secrets of the undead!

Purchase Treasure Island ebook.
All books are available in paperback, hardcover and ebook editions.
"My son is not a huge reader and we forgot how long Treasure Island is - he read all 300 pages over the weekend! Maybe it was the pirate eyepatch and bandana we got him to go with the book ; ) Your books really do motivate kids to read!"

Jim C., Sarnia, ON

Purchase Heist paperback.
Hidden paintings and long lost treasures - waiting to be discovered!
"So much fun to read! And, as an Art History major, I felt like I was living my own dream!"

India E., Portland, OR

"What a great read! My son loved it - a detective story with a twist starring him and all my friends . Best gift ever - thanks Book By You!"

John M., Seattle WA

Purchase Robin Hood hardcover.
Finding a way to evade the law and finding justice for the poor!
"A classic adventure made truly relatable and extra enjoyable with personalization. A genius concept!"

Natalia S., Lima, Peru

"What a fun book! I'd never read it before my girlfriend got me a copy about me and my friend, and her as Maid Marion, of course. She's been dropping hints about me getting her a Book By You for Christmas, but I have no idea what to pick. Help!"

Sunil P., Niagara Falls, ON