Personalized Children's Books - Age 6+

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Young readers will develop a love of reading when they see their own name and the names of their friends in the pages of a personalized book. Compelling, award-wining stories that encourage children to read real books. These customized, full-length chapter books are sure to become lifetime favorites.

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The Book of Dragons

The Book of Dragons is 130 pages of excitement spanning four separate short stories.

Our personalized characters are daring, cunning and courageous as they deal with dragons - some friendly and some dangerous! A set of charming, funny adventures sure to please both children and adults.

Fairytale Princess Collection

Step into the world of Once Upon a Time in Book By You's Fairytale Princess Collection, with ten personalize-able stories starring your little princess and her handsome prince! This unique, one-of-a-kind anthology is perfect for anyone who believes in the magic of Happily Ever After!

The Young Adventurers Collection

Step into these classic tales and begin the adventure of a lifetime alongside your friends! Book By You's one-of-a-kind compilation The Young Adventurers Collection features three personalize-able characters -- our intrepid hero, a friend who lends a helping hand, and a princess in need of rescue, all of whom make this journey one you'll want to take again and again.

The Golden Key

The Golden Key was Book By You's first first personalized children's novel.

A classic fairytale of wizards, mystical worlds and remarkable escapades that will amuse, excite and delight the imaginations of both young and old alike.

The Jungle Book

With all of Rudyard Kipling's Mowgli stories collected in one volume, The Jungle Book follows a young boy raised by wolves. Mowgli learns the rules of the jungle with beloved characters like Baloo the Bear and the panther Bagheera. But will the world of man steal him away from his wild and free life with his wolf family?

Purchase The Book of Dragons ebook.
One of our editors favorites!
"Our personalized edition of 'The Book of Dragons' is amazing! My husband and I have greatly enjoyed reading these stories to our youngest son. Now our eight year old daughter is reading it. Keep up the good work!"

Greg & Laura S., Huntsville, AR

"If only our school taught reading with your personalized novels - having our children finish their homework would be a breeze!"

Tom S., Markham, ON

Purchase Fairytale Princess Collection paperback.
The Book By You collection of timeless classic fairytales for girls!
"I gave The Fairytale Princess Collection to my daughter and she read it from cover to cover in two nights. Then she read it again out loud to her sister - then of course I had to read it! We look forward to reading more of your terrific books!"

Dorothy M., North Attleboro, MA

"I got this for my niece and Young Adventurers Collection for my nephew this past Christmas. They can't stop squabbling about who's in the best stories! It's driving my brother nuts, but I'm ecstatic. Best money I ever spent!"

Kelly J., Tucson, AZ

Purchase The Young Adventurers Collection hardcover.
The best anathology of awesome classic fairytales for boys!
"The Young Adventurers Collection has every story one could want or expect given the title. It's a great gift for any boy who thinks real life is just a touch too boring!"

Shannon P., Springfield, VT