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Editors picks for the most romantic personalized romance novels! If you're looking for a unique personalized romantic gift - look no further. To make your book even more intimate - upload a photo for the cover and you have the most passionate gift imaginable. Take it up a notch and look for accessories to accompany the book. How about an eye patch, bandana and a bottle of rum to go with Pirates of Desire?

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Pirates of Desire

In Pirates of Desire, our heroine is a stunning aristocrat who yearns to be a swashbuckling buccaneer - until she's captured by our hero, a handsome pirate rogue with a price on his head.

Is our leading lady his willing prisoner of passion?

Love's Next Door

Love's Next Door has received rave reviews from around the world. Passion and humor -- the way romance is meant to be! Imagine going back to your old neighborhood and falling in love...

Our heroine is a magazine editor in a big city who moves back to her home town and finds her old high school crush (hero) living next door. Love's Next Door will tickle your funny-bone and some readers have had a tear after reading the romantic happy ending!

Medieval Passion

Medieval Passion is a timeless tale of true romance. Nobility, knights and ladies... destined to break all the rules of love! Travel back to a time of arranged marriages, secret rendezvous and hidden passion... jousting, sword fights and chivalry!

Vampire Kisses

In the darkly seductive Vampire Kisses, a college researcher lives a secret life: when night falls, he's a vampire! Can our heroine, a vivacious beauty with a penchant for research of her own, kickstart his non-beating heart?

Click for Love

In Click for Love, our alluring heroine and dashing hero discover how passion and even true romance are just a click away. With instant messages that speak to their hearts and chemistry that make their knees weak, can they untangle their web of love?

ER Fever

In the fast-paced medical world of ER Fever, our savvy, sexy nurse saves lives and has her own heart repaired by the new, handsome staff doctor. Boardroom intrigue, medical mysteries, and passionate romance are all part of the spicy story!

Tropical Treasure

Star in a reality TV show! In Tropical Treasure, you're one of six lucky contestants competing for a $1 million prize in the game show TreasureQuest Our strong-willed heroine and hero clash as fierce rivals... but will game strategy turn into love?

Pride and Prejudice

Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice is one of the most beloved love stories of all time! Our version of this witty and romantic tale lets you play the role of clever, feisty heroine Elizabeth Bennett or handsome, haughty hero Mr. Darcy as they clash their way through misunderstandings and false impressions... and fall in love.

Wedding Favors

In Wedding Favors, our heroine is a talented baker who agrees to help organize a friend's wedding... little realizing the chaos she's getting herself into. What knocks her for a loop is getting mixed up in a whirlwind romance spicier than her famous cinnamon rolls after she literally runs into our super-sexy hero! When wedding preparations stretch everyone's tempers thin, will our heroine reach out for romance before this handsome hero's patience runs out?

Western Rendezvous

In the untamed world of Western Rendezvous, our sexy, scheming hero tries to outwit a lovely, feisty saloon owner -- but she won't back down without a fight! A stampede and tornado provide the action, while our bold lovers provide the heat.


Jane Austen's final novel Persuasion takes you on a twisting path through misunderstandings, stubbornness, drama and, of course, romance as Anne Elliot and Frederick Wentworth grapple with their feelings about the past... and each other. Will they end up together, or does fate have something else in mind?

Racing Hearts

Join the world of stock car racing in Racing Hearts, where our hard-driving hero has brains to match his breathtaking good looks. With her passion for driving, our heroine tries to ignore her feelings for the hero... but they're on the fast track to love!

Love Factor

In Love Factor, our heroine is a talented music producer coerced into coaching singers on a hit new reality TV show. It turns out that being on camera 24/7 is a lot harder than she anticipated -- especially when one of the other coaches, our hero, is a roguish rock star who seems naturally inclined to push all her buttons.

Licensed to Love

In Licensed to Love, our heroine is a beautiful and fierce CIA agent who must infiltrate and dismantle a terrorist cell in America that plans to detonate a nuclear bomb in London. Her assignment becomes more complicated when she meets our hero, a dashingly handsome MI6 agent working on the same case. Their secret identities and their accidental love for each other create new challenges for their mission. The lives of millions hang in the balance when the terrorists threaten to detonate the bomb in three days.

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"For my birthday my husband gave me a Pirates of Desire novel. He always finds fun and interesting gifts, but this is the best gift ever! Lasts longer than chocolates or flowers..."

Wendy D., Redmond, OR

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Two wedding proposals with this book... All said YES!
"I was given 'Love's Next Door' as a gift and thought it might be one of those gimmicky books without a plot or story. Was I wrong! I couldn't put it down..."

Edie D., Kawartha Lakes, ON

"The humor is remarkable! I had tears..."

Elsa H., Inglefield, IN

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"My boyfriend and I met online and I bought Click for Love for our first anniversary! Now, Book By You has turned out a perfect romance just for us. Thanks Book By You!"

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Len B., Batesville, AR

"Our favorite movie is When Harry Met Sally and of course, we met online. My romantic husband gve me Click for Love for our anniversary and we read it together. I can't describe my suprise and pleasure. Amazing story."

Shannon C., Seattle, WA