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Best personalized children's books for girls! Make her the star in our award-winning personalized books that teach kids to read real books. Girls develop clues, solve mysteries and follow their dreams! Don't forget to also review the personalized classics for girls and our Book By You exclusive The Princess Fairytale Collection. Fun abounds - a gift to be cherished forever!

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The Enchanted Castle

In The Enchanted Castle, a ring can turn you invisible, statues can come to life, and children can save the day! A pair of young friends journey to a mystical castle and discover powers within themselves they never dreamed possible. Magic, mystery and mischievous mayhem are right at their fingertips!

When the beautiful home and gardens are in jeopardy, the children and their new friends scheme to protect them from destruction. But first they have to figure how to make magic without causing chaos! A treat for everyone in the family.

Fairytale Princess Collection

Step into the world of Once Upon a Time in Book By You's Fairytale Princess Collection, with ten personalize-able stories starring your little princess and her handsome prince! This unique, one-of-a-kind anthology is perfect for anyone who believes in the magic of Happily Ever After!

Song Quest

In Song Quest, two brave, musically-gifted children risk everything to save their village from a disease with only one cure--found in a distant land across the sea.

Using all their wits and the magical power of music, these courageous kids meet strange and wondrous creatures, save a captive princess, and use their own artistic skills to unlock the power within themselves. Song Quest is a thrilling adventure perfect for encouraging kids to unleash their creativity!

The Secret Code

In The Secret Code, a pair of clever young friends must solve an increasing number of puzzling mysteries after an important school project goes missing, their hard-earned money vanishes, and someone cracks their secret code!

They've been planning an excursion on a thrilling balloon ride for a year, working hard to earn enough to go. When the money disappears, our wannabe detectives investigate the case by passing secret notes, interviewing witnesses, and using their wits to determine whodunnit. Fun and suspense for all miniature sleuths!

Riddles and Codes

Riddles abound in this lively tale as readers have a chance to join the fun, ferreting out clever clues and decoding messages in multiple secret codes as the characters encounter a false friend, a new friend, and an elderly friend as they face challenges, setbacks and false leads. The hilarious final scene brings a big surprise you won't see coming. This personalized book is a treasure that brings lots of smiles.

The Wizard of Oz

Step into Dorothy's classic slippers and follow the yellow brick road with Toto, Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion in L. Frank Baum's beloved adventure, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz! But remember -- there's no place like home... there's no place like home...

Anne of Green Gables

Lucy Maud Montgomery's classic comes to life in a whole new way in the personalized version of Anne of Green Gables. This heartwarming tale stars a young orphan girl mistakenly sent to live with an elderly brother and sister pair who requested a boy from the orphanage. Will they send her back, or will she finally find a place where she belongs?

Two Children and It

In Two Children and It, a pair of friends discover a magical but grumpy wish-granting creature who teaches them to be careful what you wish for... just in case you get what you want!

This wonderful tale is adapted from Edith Nesbit's classic fantasy novel, Five Children and It, and has three personalized characters. A perfect gift for kids of all ages.

The Amulet

In The Amulet, our young leads embark on a thrilling, mystical journey to find their beloved pet, guided by a mysterious golden amulet and the curious, cranky creature called the Psammead.

Though this is a sequel to Two Children and It, The Amulet stands on its own and like all our children's novels is an exciting adventure for kids of all ages.

The Hidden Key

A pair of clever, delightful children tumble into an adventure when the star of The Hidden Key accidentally takes home the wrong coat and finds money, a bill and a key in the pocket. Because the bill has to be paid the next day, the main character and best friend are faced with a difficult dilemma which creates a surprising adventure for the two of them.

The consequences of their decisions require attacking a tough scenario with clever thinking, resilience and determination as they work to surmount barriers and attempt to outwit a crafty adversary.

The Phoenix and the Carpet

In The Phoenix and the Carpet, our young characters embark on a series of adventures when they find a mysterious egg within an ancient carpet. A talking phoenix with an attitude adds to the chaotic fun!

Whizzing around the globe, the pair of friends soon get in and out of trouble thanks to their hilarious companions and not-always-wise wishes. A treat for children and the young at heart!

Fowl Play

Fowl Play is filled with fun, mystery and adventure. The suspense begins when our lead characters witness a fire that destroys an old factory building owned by a quirky inventor studying animal communication. Our industrious young sleuths start collecting clues to uncover the mystery of who set the fire...and soon encounter a talking parrot, a mysterious pair of rival scientists, and a bunch of friendly animals.

Who's behind the fire -- and why does the helpful parrot go missing? This fast-paced story of surprising twists and turns will keep young readers guessing!


Grab your thinking cap and jump into the hunt in Treasure! While celebrating her 50th birthday a mysterious woman buries a beautiful scarlet box with significant treasure and a map with clues inviting the finders to search for more.

The stars in this book accept the challenge but are thwarted by the map from 1956 showing a landscape far different from today.

The children solve the clues utilizing an interesting twist of language needed to understand their meaning. The book provides lessons in loyalty, friendship, and determination.

The Golden Key

The Golden Key was Book By You's first first personalized children's novel.

A classic fairytale of wizards, mystical worlds and remarkable escapades that will amuse, excite and delight the imaginations of both young and old alike.

The Book of Dragons

The Book of Dragons is 130 pages of excitement spanning four separate short stories.

Our personalized characters are daring, cunning and courageous as they deal with dragons - some friendly and some dangerous! A set of charming, funny adventures sure to please both children and adults.

A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens' beloved classic is the perfect holiday gift, where you can take on the role of Scrooge (or maybe you'll play his harried clerk, Bob Cratchit). Learn the true lesson of keeping Christmas all year.

Purchase The Enchanted Castle ebook.
Available in paperback, hardcover and ebook formats.
"Many thanks for your fun book. My sister and I are hoping we find a special magic ring when we go on vacation too!"

Hannah C. (Age 10), Amherst, NS

"Your latest book is now our daughter Kendra's favorite! The Enchanted Castle has been her daily bedtime reading ritual since we bought it for her. She seems to especially love the part where she turns invisible sneaking around the castle. A future detective in the making! Thanks, Book By You!"

Bryce D., Utica, NY

Purchase Fairytale Princess Collection paperback.
Book By You selected collection of classic fairytales for girls!
"I gave The Fairytale Princess Collection to my daughter and she read it from cover to cover in two nights. Then she read it again out loud to her sister - then of course I had to read it! We look forward to reading more of your terrific books!"

Dorothy M., North Attleboro, MA

"My mom bought me The Fairytale Princess Collection book starring me. I keep rereading it every night and did a book report on it and got and A+. Thank you and I'm hoping this Christmas maybe..."

Jenna G., Granville, WV

Purchase The Secret Code hardcover.
Figure out secret codes to solve mysteries!
"Thanks for another wonderful children's novel, The Secret Code. I've given each of your books to my grandkids as they've grown and this may be their favorite yet! My granddaughter especially is a fan of puzzles and riddles and she adored playing the sleuth in her own mystery."

'Gram' Shayna F., Pikeville, NC

"I loved it! It was my present for my 11th birthday and it was like I had my own Nick show. My fav character was Sassi who was weird but funny. Thank you!!"

Alix J., Hattiesburg, MS