Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have listed our most Frequently Asked Questions grouped into three categories: General, Shipping and About Stories. Click on the question to read the answer. Still have questions? Click here to contact us by email, or call us toll free 1.877.898.1440.

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Paperback editions for Teen and Childrens books are $24.95, Classic paperback titles are $29.95 and Mystery and Romance paperbacks are $39.95 -- it's an additional $20 for hardcover editions.

All of our titles are available in eBook format and are only $9.95.

Our novels are professionally bound and available in paperback, hardcover and ebook editions. They have the look and feel of conventional paperback, hardcover and ebooks -- except infinitely better because it's personalized!

You can upload a photo to be printed on the back cover of the books along with personalized text for paperback and hardcover editions. (When the photo option is chosen, we use the names you provide to personalize the back cover text.) A photo can also be uploaded for your personalized ebook; the photo is in the first few pages of your ebook, filling the screen and it looks terrific!

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We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. Our server uses SSL (Secure Socket Level) encryption. SSL ensures that the transmission of your transaction is safe and secure.

No, we do not offer gift wrapping. Your book will arrive in a manilla colored bubble wrap with no invoice/pricing details.

Upon purchasing your eBook on the Book By You® website, you will be given an option to open or download either the PDF or EPUB file of your book. You will also receive an email with this same option.

If you choose to open the file...
If your eReader is connected to wifi, or you are able to surf the internet on your device (e.g. iPad/iPhones, etc.), you can open the book directly on your eReader and start reading right away!

If you choose to download the file...
Once you have downloaded your selected file to your computer, you can then open it on your eReader via the device's specific instructions. This is usually by sending the eBook to your eReader's email address provided by the device, or by connecting your eReader to your computer and transferring it that way.

This process may vary depending on what device you are using, so if you run into issues, check your device's specifications for troubleshooting details.

Book By You®'s eBooks can be read in PDF format on the Kindle, or you can use a free program to convert your EPUB to a Kindle-compatible file via Calibre or KindleGen.

Yes. If you have a website that fits with any of the Book By You® book formats (romance, teen & kids), we can provide additional new revenues through your website through our comprehensive affiliate program. Click here for more information about our affiliate program. If you are already an affiliate, click here to login to your account.

You may cancel your order at any time before production begins on your book. To cancel your order, please email your request with the order confirmation number or call    1-877-898-1440.


We ship within the United States and Canada, as well as Internationally. We offer First Class, Priority Post and Express shipping options. You can review the Shipping and Delivery schedule here.

We do not include invoices or billing information when we ship books, because many of our books are purchased as gifts, and shipped directly to the lucky recipient.

Click here to see the current delivery schedule and various shipping options.

If you missed an important date, consider ordering an eBook edition to give while you are waiting for the printed book to arrive. Ebooks can be downloaded immediately after submitting an order.

Visit our Order Status page and log in using your last name and Order Number sent to you in your confirmation email.

About Stories

All of our children's books contain plenty of adventure but no violence.

Themes such as the value of friendship, creativity, perseverance and the importance of children following their dreams are explored and uniquely presented in a manner only possible through a full-length personalized story. The themes and values are presented subtly using motivation metaphors to enhance the story, and in no way detract from the storyline.

Yes, we have books specifically for teens and young adults. Most of the personalized characters are of high school age, and the themes are generally more mature and aimed at older children and young adults ages 11 and up. Additionally, many of our Classic books are great stories for older children and yound adults.

For a listing of our teen books, click here and click here for a list of our classic novels.

Golden Night has no romance; the relationships among the four personalized characters are of friends and colleagues.

Fierce Moon is a romantic suspense where the hero and heroine become personally involved during the investigation; there are some spicy scenes between the two. The plot interweaves both mystery and romance.

We have rated our books for sensuality and developed the Book By You Chili Pepper rating system to help choose which book is best for the intended reader. Each romance book has a chili pepper rating - the more chili peppers the more heat and passion.

YES. Please visit our Same Sex library.