Love Factor - a personalized romance book.

Love Factor

Realty Music TV

205 pages  •  4 characters  •  30 features to customize
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In Love Factor, our heroine is a talented music producer coerced into coaching singers on a hit new reality TV show. It turns out that being on camera 24/7 is a lot harder than she anticipated -- especially when one of the other coaches, our hero, is a roguish rock star who seems naturally inclined to push all her buttons.   Read More 

Our heroine is a successful music producer whose boss pressures her into becoming one of the coaches for JUKEBOX HERO. The new reality TV show features four of the music industry's most well-known personalities, who coach singers through a competition for a recording contract.

As if having a camera in her face 24/7 isn't bad enough, one of the other coaches, our hero, is an A-list rock star who mysteriously disappeared from the limelight two years ago. No one knows why he left, and he isn't sharing, but he is more than willing to share screen time with our no-nonsense heroine.

A torrid on-screen love affair would do wonders for the show's ratings and for the hero's comeback effort. Everybody knows it, including the heroine's bosses, who see dollar signs every time sparks fly between the couple. But is publicity the only reason for the hero's flirting, or is he genuinely interested in a relationship? And if it's just a promotional stunt, can the heroine keep her own feelings in check long enough to last through to the show's finale?

She thought she knew what she was getting into. Love wasn't a factor she counted on. Remember: You co-author Love Factor by selecting the heroine, hero, their best friends, and even a dog or cat! With more than 25 characteristics to personalize and a customized cover - this is a unique gift that will be cherished forever. ...Read Less

Applause for Love Factor

I'm addicted to Idol, X Factor and The Voice. My boyfriend knew 'Love Factor' would be perfect for my birthday gift. It's like I'm in my own reality TV show and my BF is my competition - that's until we kissed! That was the best gift of all - pure romance!Suzy M., Ottawa, CA
"Good writing, better reading and I'm not sure if it was the steamy love scenes or the storyline that kept me turning pages!"Jenny P., New York, NY
"Okay, I'll admit - I'm an X Factor fanatic and everyone knows it! How my boyfriend found BookByYou and found this book, Love Factor - I can't believe it. We both star in this personalized novel and it's like Simon Cowell is looking over our shoulders. BTW - my boyfriend really does rock!"Cher W., Vancouver, BC

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