Love's Next Door - a personalized romance book.

Love's Next Door

Romantic Comedy

154 pages  •  4 characters  •  30 features to customize
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Love's Next Door is a magical tale filled, with comical antics and practical jokes, that tells the story of true romance. The heroine of Love's Next Door is a magazine editor in a big city who moves back to her home town and finds her old high school crush (hero) living next door.   Read More 

There's one catch -- our hero has a girlfriend but, of course, she's a nasty bit of business (female villain) and totally unsuitable for our hero. Soon the girlfriend is 'toast' and our heroine has the boy next door under her spell. The heroine and her best friend use fun and comical practical jokes to help our hero see the light and fall in love with our heroine.

While Love's Next Door will tickle your funny-bone, some readers have actually commented that they had a tear in their eye at the end of the book. What a romantic happy ending! (Two people have proposed with this book -- they all said YES!)

You co-author the book by selecting the heroine, hero, heroine's best friend and a female villain along with nicknames, hair and eye color and a favorite restaurant. Even include the name of your dog or cat!

This 150-page, professionally bound paperback novel has over 30 characteristics to personalize. Love's Next Door is highlighted with a personalized front cover and will look stunning on your coffee table or bookshelf.

A wonderful gift for all occasions!...Read Less

Applause for Love's Next Door

"I was given 'Love's Next Door' as a gift and thought it might be one of those gimmicky books without a plot or story. Was I wrong! I couldn't put it down..."Edie D., Kawartha Lakes, ON
"The humor is remarkable! I had tears..."Elsa H., Inglefield, IN
"My husband always jokes about making love to Sharon Stone. I gave him 'Love's Next Door' for his birthday and included Sharon as the leading lady. He loved it!"Jane M., Round Mountain, NV

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