ER Fever - a personalized romance book.

ER Fever

Medical Drama

165 pages  •  3 characters  •  23 features to customize
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In the fast-paced world of a hospital emergency room, you'll save lives and fall in love! Don't miss one of our hottest books yet, ER Fever -- where the "ER" also stands for "Extra Romance"!   Read More 

Right from the start of ER Fever, our handsome, clever hero plunges into the middle of the high-stakes action of County General Hospital's emergency room. The newest doctor on staff, he barely catches a first glimpse of his surroundings when he's called on to save a life! Luckily, on that first night, he meets the perfect bedside partner: our heroine, a nurse whose skill and beauty are equally impressive. She's the very heart of the ER, trusted and adored by her patients and respected by her colleagues.

Our hero and heroine are immediately drawn to one another, but hospital rules forbid on-the-job romance. Political power plays between doctors and nurses cause enough tension without bringing love into the mix! Besides, our doctor and nurse couldn't be more different: he's as comfortable on a surf board as he is in a lab coat and thinks that clocks and watches should be outlawed. Our heroine is committed to her career and her patients and thinks that the good doctor has lost his mind when she finds that he refuses to wear a watch! But love was never much for hospital rules, and soon our hero and heroine find that differences make for the most delightful discoveries!

Just when each of them is ready to break the rules and give love a chance, a woman from our hero's past swoops onto the scene, ready to cause personal and professional trouble that could put the entire ER in jeopardy. Soon, the hospital is full of blackmail and rumors that could destroy our couple's careers and hopes for future romance. Even the support of their trusted friends and colleagues might not be enough to save them! The solution will require an act of tremendous generosity -- and love. And it could tear them apart forever. Will love find a way for them to be together? Or will hospital rules, politicking and past hurts keep our hero and heroine apart? ER Fever is one of our spiciest romance novels, so pull on your scrubs and get ready for an extra steamy and passionate story about life in the ER!

Remember: You co-author ER Fever by selecting the heroine, hero and heroine's best friend - and even your dog or cat! ER Fever is more than 160 pages and professionally bound, with over 26 characteristics to personalize making it a gift that is truly unique and sentimental. A gift that will be cherished forever.

With its personalized front cover, this book will look stunning on your coffee table or bookshelf. What a wonderful gift idea for all occasions! Why read between the lines when you can read between the sheets? ...Read Less

Applause for ER Fever

"Doctor, doctor, give me the news! And also another copy of this incredibly sexy romance!"Annie M., Rome, NY
"My husband's heart was palpitating after I read a chapter to him. Luckily I had the cure! Thanks to your unique book we'll always remember this special anniversary. Can't wait till next year!" Jessica M., Miami, FL
"I don't know about your other readers, but once we finished ER Fever, there was plenty of operating going on in our house! Seriously you guys have outdone yourselves. We're going to buy all your books and play the leads."Martin H., BC, CA

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