Personalized Books for Teens

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You co-author full-length personalized teen books by customizing with more than 25 features. These personalized young adult books are available in paperback, hardcover and personalized ebook editions. Add a photo to the cover to make it a truly unique customized gift for teens and preteens. From personalized vampires books, to werewolves to high school hi-jinks choose an exciting title from the collection below or select from a category tab above. eBook editions now only $14.95.

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Explore details of First Bite, for book lovers.
First Bite

Timeless Teen Vampire Romance

Explore details of Night Wolf, for book lovers.
Night Wolf

Mystery Time Travel and Magic

Explore details of Prom and Prejudice, for book lovers.
Prom and Prejudice

High School Teen Antics

Explore details of Heist, for book lovers.

Action Suspense Thriller

Explore details of Black Lace, for book lovers.
Black Lace

Teen Gothic Vampire

Explore details of Sea Spell, for book lovers.
Sea Spell

Save the World with Your Magic

Explore details of Sherlock Holmes, for book lovers.
Sherlock Holmes

Star in Conan Doyle's Classic

Explore details of Anne of Green Gables, for book lovers.
Anne of Green Gables

Be the Whimsical Anne Shirley

Explore details of Dracula, for book lovers.

Story to Sink Your Teeth Into

Explore details of The Wizard of Oz, for book lovers.
The Wizard of Oz

Wear the Ruby Slippers

Explore details of Alice in Wonderland, for book lovers.
Alice in Wonderland

Fall Down the Rabbit Hole