Captain Stupendo - a personalized romance book.

Captain Stupendo

Romantic Superhero Comedy

255 pages  •  4 characters  •  30 features to customize
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In this extraordinary romance, a powerful female superhero and her handsome counterpart find themselves locked in an impulsive kiss on a crowded sidewalk. A kiss that changes their lives forever.   Read More 

You and your beloved star in this intimate and amorous view of the superhero underworld! Our romance-seeking leading lady is a Class A superhero, a talented communicator capable of speaking the languages of all creatures, human and otherwise. Our strongman leading man is a reluctant Class C superhero, not at all anxious for the publicity that inevitably follows his super-strength exploits.

Their romance and superspeed courtship begin when our hero saves the day for our heroine and leads to a kiss that neither can forget. Our love-struck couple dance their way from the luxurious neighborhoods of San Francisco's elite to its blue-collar cafes. But once the music ends they are separated, and our heroine sets off on a frantic search that takes her to the frozen wastes of Alaska and the balmy shores of the Mexican coast in a desperate attempt to find the man she knows is right for her.

Our leading man also longs to find the love he has lost, but corrupt officials in the Superheroes Guild keep the two lovers apart. A phony flying man distracts the public from the real heroics of our broad-shouldered hero, as his cherished dreams of romance fade into a gorgeous sunset across the Golden Gate Bridge.

Add in our leading lady's best friend, a beautiful young faun who uses magic potions to hide her hooves as she sleeps her way through the eligible bachelors of San Francisco, mix in our hero's meddling mother, who doggedly promotes her son's superhero career, and you have a recipe for the romantic chaos that makes Captain Stupendo the most exciting superhero romance you've ever read! With plenty of humor and a super-sized dose of tugged heartstrings, Captain Stupendo is sure to entertain both superheroes and mortals....Read Less

Applause for Captain Stupendo

"My boyfriend is my hero and, thanks to you, he is a superhero in a book, Captain Stupendo! He loved staring in his own superhero story and I loved being his strong leading lady! Thanks for a great gift - you guys rock!"Camila S., Huntington, WV
"My honey and I are huge superhero fans so we jumped at a chance to star in our own romance novel that didn't rip off Wonder Woman and Batman. Captain Stupendo did not disappoint! What a terrifically different take on the 'real world' of superhero business. Great job!"Calder G., Apison, TN
"I feel like a superhero now after my wife gave me Captain Stupendo! She loved it and we had great fun reading it together."Scott B., Glenpool, OK

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