Licensed to Love - a personalized romance book.

Licensed to Love

Spy Romance with Love

214 pages  •  4 characters  •  29 features to customize
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In Licensed to Love our heroine is a CIA agent working on a case to prevent a nuclear weapon from being detonated in London. We find her in Libya, where she is sent to extract an informant who can provide crucial information about where the bomb is located. What she doesn't count on is having to compete with an extremely capable and dashingly handsome MI6 super-agent.   Read More 

The stakes are raised when our hero and heroine are assigned to the same case in Los Angeles. He thinks she is a terrorist, while she thinks he is a wealthy civilian. They accidentally fall in love -- the perfect recipe for disaster.

Their torrid love affair turns into a bloody battle when their true identities are revealed, and their respective agencies sanction them for jeopardizing the mission. But the sanctions are the least of their problems. The terrorists have their nuclear bomb and are determined to detonate it in an undisclosed city.

Will our hero and heroine's love overcome their recent setbacks? Will their determination trump the sanctions leveled against them? More importantly, will they find the bomb in time to save millions of lives?

Remember: You co-author Licensed to Love by selecting the heroine, hero, and their best friends! With 28 characteristics to personalize and a customized cover - this is a unique gift that will be cherished forever....Read Less

Applause for Licensed to Love

"We loved Licensed to Love and I especially loved kicking his butt as a CIA secret agent. Great storyline and I had a tears of joy for the romantic happy ending!"Kelly M., San Diego, CA
"We are huge James Bond fans and the first movie I took my GF (now wife) to was a 007 flick. My wife always jokes she'd make a better James Bond than me - well in the book as CIA operative - she gives a beating to me when we cross paths... I won't say more. She enjoyed the book immensely! Thank you and think about a sequel."Clark W., Columbus, OH
"Just wanted to message you that we got a kick out of your Licensed to Love book!"Jimmy C., Austin, TX

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