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Get your game on and get ready for a dramatic touchdown in the end zone with the personalized football romance, Touchdown for Love. Or maybe you and your lover would prefer to star in Racing Hearts and chase each other around the track and sprint for the checkered flag? More personalized sports themed romance books coming soon!

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Touchdown for Love

In Touchdown for Love, a celebrity publicist butts heads with her client - an all-star quarterback with a bad-boy image. She focuses on the public eye; he'd rather hide away from the media. As they work together - and sometimes against each other - they each realize that there's more to the other than their public images reveal.

Racing Hearts

Join the world of stock car racing in Racing Hearts, where our hard-driving hero has brains to match his breathtaking good looks. With her passion for driving, our heroine tries to ignore her feelings for the hero... but they're on the fast track to love!

Licensed to Love

In Licensed to Love, our heroine is a beautiful and fierce CIA agent who must infiltrate and dismantle a terrorist cell in America that plans to detonate a nuclear bomb in London. Her assignment becomes more complicated when she meets our hero, a dashingly handsome MI6 agent working on the same case. Their secret identities and their accidental love for each other create new challenges for their mission. The lives of millions hang in the balance when the terrorists threaten to detonate the bomb in three days.

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True love in the end zone! Available in ebook, paperback and hardcover.
"My husband ordered Touchdown for Love for me (starring me) and I love it! For fun, I read some of the book out loud during halftime while watching the game. Can't wait for the next tailgate party!"

Cindy F., Redwood, CA

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As featured on the Speed Channel!
"My girlfriend had a smirk as big as the Daytona 500 infield watching me open this gift. The first thing I saw was a book with my photo on the cover and then I saw my name in, Racing Hearts. I almost spit my beer (kidding). We started reading it together and truly enjoyed the story. I ended up in the winner's circle in more ways than one!"

Tommy T., Bingen, WA

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