Wedding Favors - a personalized romance book.

Wedding Favors

Wedding Frenzy

200 pages  •  4 characters  •  28 features to customize
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In this personalized romance, experience the fun and frenzy of wedding preparations as our hero and heroine help their friends take a trip to the altar... and wonder if they should be taking the same journey themselves   Read More 

In Wedding Favors, our heroine is a talented baker who agrees to help organize a friend’s wedding… little realizing the chaos she’s getting herself into. The frenzied work is bad enough, especially with a particularly disorganized bride-to-be -- but what knocks our heroine for a loop is getting mixed up in a whirlwind romance spicier than her famous cinnamon rolls after she runs into a super-sexy hero -- literally!

Our hero's a nice, generous guy who’s willing to do anything for his soon-to-be-married buddy (the groom-to-be), from honeymoon house-sitting to helping the delectable heroine and her own best friend put together dozens of wedding favors. But even a hero’s good nature has a limit, and he’s frustrated by our cautious baker, who’s been burned by love so often she's given up on dating... or has she?

While wedding preparations stretch everyone's tempers thin, can our heroine find the courage to reach for romance before this handsome hero’s patience runs out?

This is a sweet confection of a romance about two people trying to survive the chaos of someone else's special day... and falling in love whether they're ready or not! Fun, chaos, humor, and passion... Wedding Favors is the perfect gift for anyone who's ever prepared for someone else's day of bliss! (And makes a great bridesmaid's gift.)

Remember: You co-author this comedy of errors by selecting the heroine, hero, their best friends, the bride and groom, and even your dog or cat! Wedding Favors is 187 pages, professionally bound, with more than 30 characteristics to personalize and a customized cover. A truly unique gift that will be cherished forever.

Available in both paperback and hardcover, your book will look stunning on your coffee table or bookshelf. What a wonderful gift idea for all occasions! Why read between the lines when you can read between the sheets?? ...Read Less

Applause for Wedding Favors

"I'm getting married on Valentine's Day and ordered six copies to give to each of my bridesmaids in thanks for all their help (they gave me an awesome shower last week, so it's the least I can do!). All I can say is I don't think I'm as ditsy as the bride-to-be in the book... but I'm afraid if you ask my girls they may say otherwise!"Shelby F., Rye, NY
"Hilarious and really touching book. Thanks very much for this, it reminded me of my own crazy wedding plans. Also made me crave chocolate like you wouldn't believe. You're getting my next dentist bill. Just kidding - I think."Devon R., La Jolla, CA
"My husband bought me Wedding Favors for our anniversary and also included our bridesmaid and groom as characters. Brought back some of our wedding memories and made me laugh and also tears of joy. Just thought I'd let you guys know what an amazing product you have!"Mary S., London, UK

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