Jane Eyre - a personalized classic book.

Jane Eyre

The Bronte Classic

505 pages  •  5 characters  •  20 features to customize
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Step into the personalized, captivating world of Charlotte Brontë’s classic gothic romance! Jane Eyre has enthralled readers since its first publication in 1847.

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Our heroine Jane grows up an unloved and mistreated orphan under the roof of her cruel and heartless aunt, and then under the strict and harsh rules of a boarding school. As a young woman, Jane accepts the position of governess at the mysterious Thornfield Hall, a huge estate in the English countryside, where she falls in love with the cynical and moody master of the mansion, Edward Rochester. But Jane hears strange noises in the night, and sinister laughter echoing in the halls, and when she rescues Rochester from a fiery death in his bed, Jane is sure there is something afoot. Rochester clearly has many secrets, and when Jane finally discovers them, will she be able to bear them, or will they tear her heart to pieces?

Become part of one of the most beloved romantic couples in literary history, Jane Eyre and Edward Fairfax Rochester, with your personalized edition of Charlotte Brontë's timeless romance, Jane Eyre. Featuring five personalize-able characters, you'll return to this love story again and again -- especially now that it's starring you!

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Applause for Jane Eyre

"If you're going to become a character in a classic novel, you could do far worse than Jane! She's intelligent, strong, and moral. My favorite novel of all time, and now I've become one of the most admirable fictional characters to ever exist. I'm so excited!"Jessica D., Nauvoo, IL
"A perfectly spooky addition to my personalized novel collection."Jay A., Wiltshire, UK
"Jane Eyre is a classic for a reason, made all the more compelling by the fact that it's now about me!"Sophia R., Shreveport, LA

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