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The largest selection of full-length personalized children's books - they are the stars! These personalized chapter books teach kids to read real books as they guide young readers through various challenges to solve mysteries. Each story stresses the value of friendship, perseverance and following their dreams. We've also included several timeless tales from our classics imprint. An amazing personalized childrens gift! eBook editions now only $14.95.

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Explore details of The Hidden Key, for book lovers.
The Hidden Key

Clever Thinking and Resilience

Explore details of The Secret Code, for book lovers.
The Secret Code

Kid Sleuths Solving Puzzles

Explore details of The Enchanted Castle, for book lovers.
The Enchanted Castle

Stumble Upon a Magical Castle

Explore details of Winnie the Pooh, for book lovers.
Winnie the Pooh

A hug is always the right size

Explore details of Riddles and Codes, for book lovers.
Riddles and Codes

Decoding Clues and Messages

Explore details of Treasure!, for book lovers.

Buried Treasure Adventure

Explore details of The Book of Dragons, for book lovers.
The Book of Dragons

Some Fun, Some Nasty Dragons

Explore details of Coaster Mania, for book lovers.
Coaster Mania

Amusement Park Adventures

Explore details of The Magician, for book lovers.
The Magician

Magic Tricks and Secrets

Explore details of Two Children and It, for book lovers.
Two Children and It

Magical Wish Granting Creature

Explore details of Fowl Play, for book lovers.
Fowl Play

Kids Solving Crimes

Explore details of The Shutterbug Detective, for book lovers.
The Shutterbug Detective

Photo a Day Mysteries

Explore details of The Phoenix and the Carpet, for book lovers.
The Phoenix and the Carpet

The Mysterious Phoenix Egg

Explore details of Song Quest, for book lovers.
Song Quest

Musically-Gifted Children

Explore details of The Golden Key, for book lovers.
The Golden Key

Magical and Imaginary Beings

Explore details of The Wizard of Oz, for book lovers.
The Wizard of Oz

Wear the Ruby Slippers

Explore details of Alice in Wonderland, for book lovers.
Alice in Wonderland

Fall Down the Rabbit Hole

Explore details of The Jungle Book, for book lovers.
The Jungle Book

Star in the Kipling Classic

Explore details of Fairytale Princess Collection, for book lovers.
Fairytale Princess Collection

Famous Tales for Girls

Explore details of The Young Adventurers Collection, for book lovers.
The Young Adventurers Collection

Famous Tales for Boys

Explore details of Robin Hood, for book lovers.
Robin Hood

Escape to Sherwood Forest

Explore details of Peter Pan, for book lovers.
Peter Pan

Visit Never Never Land

Explore details of A Christmas Carol, for book lovers.
A Christmas Carol

Dickens' Holiday Classic

Explore details of Treasure Island, for book lovers.
Treasure Island

Cast Off for Adventure