Gifts for Men - purchase a personalized book and eBook.

Gifts for Men

Surprise your husband, boyfriend or dad with a personalized novel. Whether it's mystery, classic or a spicy romance - a personalized book is a unique gift idea for men for an anniversary gift, Father's Day, Christmas, Valentine's Day, birthday or any special occasion. Every man wants to be the hero!

Available in paperback, hardcover and immediately downloadable ebook editions. Make his novel extra special by uploading a photo for the cover or to include in his ebook. Our editors have compiled a list of our best-selling personalized books for men from all our mystery, classic and romance titles.

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Front book cover illustration for personalized romance novel, Captain Stupendo.

Captain Stupendo

In Captain Stupendo, a pair of superheroes fall in love, but their demanding schedules leave our couple separated and confused, desperately searching for each other in a world filled with evildoers and dangerous creatures. Follow the twisted path to their unexpected reunion in Captain Stupendo, a truly heroic love story for the ages!

Front book cover illustration for personalized romance novel, Pirates of Desire.

Pirates of Desire

In Pirates of Desire, our heroine is a stunning aristocrat who yearns to be a swashbuckling buccaneer - until she's captured by our hero, a handsome pirate rogue with a price on his head.

Is our leading lady his willing prisoner of passion?

Front book cover illustration for personalized romance novel, Licensed to Love.

Licensed to Love

In Licensed to Love, our heroine is a beautiful and fierce CIA agent who must infiltrate and dismantle a terrorist cell in America that plans to detonate a nuclear bomb in London. Her assignment becomes more complicated when she meets our hero, a dashingly handsome MI6 agent working on the same case. Their secret identities and their accidental love for each other create new challenges for their mission. The lives of millions hang in the balance when the terrorists threaten to detonate the bomb in three days.

Front book cover illustration for personalized romance novel, Touchdown for Love.

Touchdown for Love

In Touchdown for Love, a celebrity publicist butts heads with her client - an all-star quarterback with a bad-boy image. She focuses on the public eye; he'd rather hide away from the media. As they work together - and sometimes against each other - they each realize that there's more to the other than their public images reveal.

Front book cover illustration for personalized romance novel, Racing Hearts.

Racing Hearts

Join the world of stock car racing in Racing Hearts, where our hard-driving hero has brains to match his breathtaking good looks. With her passion for driving, our heroine tries to ignore her feelings for the hero... but they're on the fast track to love!

Front book cover illustration for personalized romance novel, Viking Hearts.

Viking Hearts

In Viking Hearts, our heroine is a strong and stubborn shieldmaiden with a reputation for refusing every suitor. She insists she will not marry until she finds her true match.

A fierce warrior, the son of a jarl, our hero has been searching for a woman just like our heroine. Upon their first meeting, our leading man realizes that he has met the woman he wants as his partner and vows to win her heart. But an enemy is approaching, threatening not only all they hold dear, but also their union.

Front book cover illustration for personalized mystery novel, Golden Night.

Golden Night

In Golden Night, when a ruthless thief breaks into a museum, our hero and heroine -- a detective and an art conservator -- clash as they try to solve the crime. He suspects an inside job; she's certain a painting hides the key to a golden treasure with deadly consequences. Team up on an adventure spanning two centuries! More than 30 features to personalize.

Front book cover illustration for personalized romance novel, Western Rendezvous.

Western Rendezvous

In the untamed world of Western Rendezvous, our sexy, scheming hero tries to outwit a lovely, feisty saloon owner -- but she won't back down without a fight! A stampede and tornado provide the action, while our bold lovers provide the heat.

Front book cover illustration for personalized classic novel, Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock Holmes

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's brilliant detective hunts for clues in twelve cases ranging from international intrigue to domestic disputes. Now you can delve into these classic mysteries yourself by portraying Sherlock Holmes, loyal friend, Dr. Watson, or even elusive, beautiful Irene Adler.

Front book cover illustration for personalized classic novel, Phantom of the Opera.

Phantom of the Opera

Gaston Leroux's The Phantom of the Opera is the timeless, haunting story involving a twisted musical genius and his obsessive love for a beautiful opera singer. Now you can portray innocent heroine Christine, her noble protector Raoul, or even the tormented Phantom himself. Perfect for fans of the many movie adaptations and Andrew Lloyd Webber's long-running musical .

Front book cover illustration for personalized classic novel, The Secret Adversary.

The Secret Adversary

Agatha Christie's beloved mystery, starring the incomparable Tommy Beresford and Tuppance Cowley, gets personal. You and a friend become Agatha's tenacious investigators, and find Jane Finn and her treaty papers before a fringe communist group. Follow in their footsteps as Tommy and Tuppance face friend, foe, and many a dead end on their harrowing quest to save a nation.

"My boyfriend is my hero and, thanks to you, he is a superhero in a book, Captain Stupendo! He loved staring in his own superhero story and I loved being his strong leading lady! Thanks for a great gift - you guys rock!"

Camila S., Huntington, WV

"For my birthday my husband gave me a Pirates of Desire novel. He always finds fun and interesting gifts, but this is the best gift ever! Lasts longer than chocolates or flowers..."

Wendy D., Redmond, OR

"I'm a football junky and I received Touchdown for Love as a gift from my girlfriend. I was the lead character - the hero superstar quarterback that in the end gets the girl of his dreams. We read it together and had fun with it. What an amazingly creative gift!"

Ben F., Detroit, MI