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Personalized same-sex romance novels - the most amazing romantic gift for lesbian, gay and trans couples. Surprise your lover with a hot, steamy, customized same-sex romance novel that's sure to bring a smile - and much more - to your partner's face. From sizzling personalized vampires to our customized Fifty Shades parody along with a reality TV based storyline - we have books for every taste and interest! Don't forget to accessorize your book selection with accoutrements such as vampire teeth or a riding crop and handcuffs!

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Hot Blooded

In the darkly seductive Hot Blooded, a college researcher lives a secret life: when night falls, he's a vampire! Can our hero, a down to earth college professor with a penchant for research of his own, kick-start the secretive researcher's non-beating heart?

Fifty Shades of Gay F/F

In Fifty Shades of Gay, our powerful and dominant heroine gets more than she bargained for with a hot, butch, and far-too-innocent college girl with a lot to learn about the pleasures of submission. Soon, the two are spiraling through a universe of passion and pleasure -- and a fair bit of destruction.

Fifty Shades of Gay M/M

In Fifty Shades of Gay, our powerful and composed hero suddenly finds himself at risk of losing control when he meets a kindhearted college student with little experience in the areas of romance, or life in general. Somehow, the very different men captivate each other, and soon they are spiraling through a universe of passion and pleasure -- and a fair bit of destruction. This book includes profanity and descriptive sexual scenes that some readers might find disturbing.

Over the Moon

In Over the Moon, a daring, sexy starship commander and a brave, beautiful diplomat must survive in a universe filled with dangerous aliens...while fighting their own clashing personalities. Thrilling rescues, exotic planets, and out-of-this-world passion between two strong-willed heroines!

Treasure Trails

Star in a reality TV show! In Treasure Trails, you're one of six lucky contestants competing for a $1 million prize in the game show "TreasureQuest". Our amiable, idealistic hero clashes with an ambitious competitive guy in the race for the cash prize... but will game strategy turn into love?

Seduction Games

Star in a reality TV show! In Seduction Games, you're one of six lucky contestants competing for a $1 million prize in the game show TreasureQuest Our strong-willed female lead characters clash as fierce rivals... but will game strategy turn into love?

Purchase Hot Blooded ebook.
Our highest - chili pepper rating! Accessorize your book and include vampire teeth!
"Holy smokes, I need a cold shower! This is so hot AND it punched me right in the heart. My friend bought Hot Blooded for me as a joke birthday present (starring me and Henry Cavill), but the joke's on them! Best present ever!"

Kaden H., Abingdon, MD

"Your Hot Blooded synopsis said this was your HOTTEST book and it certainly took us to a new level in terms of steam. We loved it!"

Cedric M., Bonita Beach, FL

Purchase Fifty Shades of Gay F/F paperback.
Bring on the handcuffs lingerie and riding crop! Fifty Shades parody to excite and dominate!
"I received this for my birthday from my partner and we read some scenes from the book at my party. It was a huge hit and we read the rest later at home and couldn't stop laughing - and there was sizzle for sure. Our photo on the cover was from when we tied the knot and was touching. We're coming back for more!"

Darcy B., San Fran, CA

"So funny and somehow still very sweet? I'm having a hard time grasping how the author pulled this off! I would recommend it to the family, but given the subject matter it might make Thanksgiving Dinner kind of awkward."

Carrie D., Greeley, CO

Purchase Treasure Trails hardcover.
Internationally acclaimed personalized same-sex reality TV tropical survival themed novel for women.
"I watch Survivor and Temptation Island and I'm amazed how your book captures the excitement and the look and feel of these shows. The cameramen, tacky TV show host and the interpersonal conflicts are great!"

Tom J., Issaquah, WA

"Tropical Treasure is better than all the reality TV shows put together!"

Jay M., Altha, FL