Vampire Kisses - a personalized romance book.

Vampire Kisses

Vampire Romance

186 pages  •  3 characters  •  25 features to customize
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In this personalized vampire romance novel, our heroine meets a mysterious hero whose passion is stronger than his bite. Perfect for fans of the Twilight movie and books!   Read More 

Vampire Kisses begins with a chance meeting of our heroine and hero at a college library, but their encounter is short-lived as our main man suddenly vanishes... leaving our heroine lusting for more.

Their next unexpected rendezvous occurs at a campus alumni party, and after some clever repartee the hook is set, but once again our hero mysteriously disappears. Not to be outdone, our heroine and her best friend decide to hunt for their mystery man. Little do they know the tables have turned, and they are the ones hunted!

Our hero is centuries old and doomed by a vampire's curse. Luckily, his intellect and compassion enable him to control his primal instincts. Nevertheless, he shies away from our heroine, fearing his vampire urges will harm the one he both admires...and desires.  After much intrigue, our couple's paths become entwined and it's not long before cupid's arrows find their mark and they fall in love.

The plot thickens when our hero's unnatural habits give him away, and our boisterous beauty discovers that the man she loves has a bite that is definitely worse than his bark. They are forced apart; he by his worry of turning his beloved into one of his own, and she by the unsavory thought of becoming her love's next meal.

But will love conquer all? Can our heroine live without her true love, or will our hero make her his mate for life and forever after? Vampire Kisses is full of intrigue and passion!

Remember: You co-author Vampire Kisses by selecting the heroine, hero and heroine's best friend - and even your dog or cat! Vampire Kisses is 175 pages, professionally bound, with over 26 characteristics to personalize, making it a gift that is truly unique and sentimental. With its personalized front cover, this book will look stunning on your coffee table or bookshelf. A gift that will be cherished forever.

Why read between the lines when you can read between the sheets?

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Applause for Vampire Kisses

"I'm a huge fan of vampires, from Twilight to Lestat to True Blood and Moonlight, and now - thanks to my wonderful husband - I'm starring in (and getting my own) Vampire Kisses! So much fun and very very sexy. Thanks, BookByYou!"Alicia M., Potala Pastillo, PR
"There are no vampire slayers in this book and Buffy pales in comparison to my wife who was the heroine. When is the sequel?" John R., Middletown, RI
"The mark of a good book is that you can't put it down - from cover to cover in one sitting and I want more. A book you can really sink your teeth into..."Darci S., Umapine, OR

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