Dracula - a personalized classic book.


Story to Sink Your Teeth Into

410 pages  •  6 characters  •  24 features to customize
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Uncover an immortal's secrets in Bram Stoker's blood-curdling vampire tale. This terrifying tale isn't for the faint of heart... read it alone in the dark only if you dare!   Read More 

Book By You presents your very own personalized edition of Bram Stoker’s classic, Dracula. Now you can visit the Transylvanian castle of the world’s most infamous vampire. Introduce fans of Twilight, Vampire Diaries and True Blood to the original immortal creature of the night.

This ageless 1897 novel of gothic horror begins when a young attorney is hired by aristocratic Count Dracula, little realizing he’s a mere pawn in the evil vampire’s plan for world domination. Soon the horror spreads to London as the Count stalks new victims, including the attorney’s bride-to-be and her friend. When the friend wastes away from a mysterious illness, they seek help from a renowned doctor... who suspects Dracula. Can they stop the Count and his grisly plot?

Customized characters include naïve solicitor Jonathan Harker, classic gothic heroine Mina Murray, haunted beauty Lucy Westenra, brilliant vampire hunter Dr. Van Helsing… and even Dracula himself.

Prepare to be enthralled by Dracula, with every page filled with spine-tingling suspense and adventure. This unique personalized classic edition starring you will be treasured forever. ...Read Less

Applause for Dracula

"A world-renown horror story made all the more refreshing with the inclusion of me and my friends. Truly awesome."Brad G., Flowood, MS
"Dracula was on the syllabus for one of my college literature courses, and I thought using a personalized version would make it more fun. Now I keep accidentally referencing myself and my friends in my exam questions! Oops."Nila O., Freedom, WI
"Dracula was one of my favorites in my teen years, so my parents surprised me with the BookByYou version. My love of the original stands, but the personalized version strikes a whole new chord."Christy W., Shelbina, MO

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