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Personalized Werewolf Romance Novel for Teens and Young Adults Night Wolf aimed at Sherlock Holmes, Twilight and True Blood fans

London, Ontario, Canada/October 13, 2010 - Teen Book By You® today announced the release of its newest personalized romance novel for teens and young adults, Night Wolf. Mystery lovers and werewolf fans co-author Night Wolf by selecting the names and features for the main characters in the book: the smart, adventure-loving modern heroine who travels from the present to the 1890s; the brilliant and tormented young detective hero who's hiding a deadly secret; and the heroine's friend, who plays two roles--in the present and past. Readers can include a spouse or significant other, friends, relatives, co-workers or Hollywood stars--even a pet--in their very own novel. The characters' hair color, eye color, figure, favorite restaurant and drink are some of the story's 26 personalized characteristics that result in thousands of changes in each book. Night Wolf is a 200-page, professionally bound paperback novel that includes a striking personalized cover.

BookByYou Press Release: Personalized Novel Night Worlf

In Night Wolf, a mystery-loving high school senior is swept back in time to Victorian England, where she joins a brilliant, hot young detective on the hunt for a serial killer. As they grow closer, our heroine thinks she's safe by the detective's side, but he has a terrible secret: each full moon he turns into a werewolf! Worse, he might be guilty of the crimes he's vowed to solve--and the young woman he loves could be his next victim! This thrilling personalized romance keeps readers on the edge of their seats.

Founder of Book By You® Mike Pocock commented, "Night Wolf will captivate teens and young adults, especially those who love mysteries or who've fallen under the spell of dark fantasy tales like True Blood and Twilight. Personalizing the story puts you right in the thick of the action of your own werewolf romance novel! Night Wolf features the nailbiting suspense of a serial killer mystery, the thrill of forbidden love, together with classic werewolf legends and even time travel. With the lasting popularity of Sherlock Holmes, supernatural romances, and the latest Twilight movie, Eclipse, we believe our new novel will be a huge success. Night Wolf will drive our readers wild!"

To purchase a personalized novel, readers go to the company's website at TeenBookByYou.com and complete a character questionnaire specifying the information to be included in their book. The company offers a free demonstration area where readers can preview personalized excerpts from any of the company's teen, romance, mystery or children's novels. Media interviews and are available upon request.