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Personalized Fantasy Romance for Valentine's Day

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London, Ontario, Canada - January 30, 2011: Just in time for Valentine's Day, Book By You® today announced the release of its newest personalized novel, By Magic Bound--a fantasy romance filled with adventure, passion, and imagination! By Magic Bound makes a perfect Valentine's Day gift for everyone from fans of action-adventure fantasies to role-playing games to classic legends and, of course, romance lovers. This Book By You® novel is the company's 29th personalized title and the fifteenth offering from the company's Romance By You® division.

Personalzed romantic fantasy novel By Magic Bound

In keeping with the Book By You tradition, customers co-author By Magic Bound by visiting the Book By You website and completing the easy questionnaire. There are more than 30 features to personalize, including the heroine, hero, and two best friends, as well as features such as hair color and length, eye color, and body type... even a dog or cat! Customers can also upload a picture for the back cover of their beautifully bound, 200-page hardcover or paperback edition.

In By Magic Bound, the action begins with the theft of an ancient gem that's the key to preserving all known life on a distant world. With disaster looming, a powerful Water Mage--our brave hero--sails off on a quest to retrieve the relic. Also hunting for the jewel is our heroine, a smart-alecky, treasure-hunting rogue with an impressive (and illegal) gift for spellcraft of her own. With humanity's future at stake, they reluctantly join forces on the quest, helped by a sailor, a thief, a wisecracking crow and a mysterious witch. Drawn by duty, magic, and their own ungovernable emotions, can this mismatched pair trust each other enough to save the world... and find love?

Michael Pocock, founder of Book By You, commented, "With its vibrant storytelling, By Magic Bound takes you on a sweeping adventure through a new world filled with vivid characters, magical realms and fantastic creatures. With the huge, ongoing popularity of games such as World of Warcraft and tales such as the Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Song of Ice and Fire series, our customers will be thrilled to start off on their own quests and perform amazing feats of magic!"

To purchase a personalized novel, readers go to the company's website, https://www.BookByYou.com, and complete a character questionnaire specifying the information to be included in their book. The company offers a free demonstration area where readers can preview personalized excerpts from each of the company's fifteen romance novels. Media interviews and promotional photographs are available upon request.

Click here for a PDF of the entire press release.