Night Wolf - a personalized teen book.

Night Wolf

Mystery Time Travel and Magic

214 pages  •  3 characters  •  26 features to customize
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A modern young woman is swept back in time and joins a brilliant and dashing detective on the hunt for a serial killer. Who is the vicious beast that is haunting the London streets when the full moon rises? A personalized romance perfect for fans of Teen Wolf, True Blood, Sherlock Holmes, and Twilight!   Read More 

This thrilling romance begins when our modern, mystery-loving high school senior is swept back in time to Victorian England, where she meets a brilliant, famous and hot young detective -- a real-life Sherlock Holmes who challenges and captivates her as no one has before. While our heroine adapts her 21st-century ways to the 1890s, her independence, beauty and intellect attract and intrigue the genius detective. Our hero quickly suspects something is different about this spirited girl.

Together they attend a glamorous gala, solve a jewel heist, and enjoy romantic carriage rides. But there's a dark side to Victorian London. The gas-lit streets turn deadly at night, thanks to a vicious serial killer called the Beast.

Our heroine, helped by her best friend at the boarding house where many of the victims lived, is determined to stop the Beast's reign of terror. With suspects lurking in every dark alley and glittering mansion, our heroine thinks she's safe by the side of her detective hero. What she doesn't know is that his sophisticated demeanor masks a wild side: under the light of the full moon, he's cursed to become a savage werewolf! ...Read Less

Applause for Night Wolf

"I bought my boyfriend Night Wolf because he's always showing off his ripped abs like Jacob the main werewolf in Twilight. (We joke about it all the time.) We read the book together and it was a great read - mystery, some romance and a werewolf. What a combo! Oh yeah, and lots of ripped abs ; )"Jessica W., Seattle, WA
"I just started reading all the Sherlock Holmes stories after seeing the movie last year, so when I saw Night Wolf I decided to splurge, even though I'm a little bit older than 'teen'. (I'm 22.) After finishing the book, all I can say is...WOW! It's seriously one of the best mysteries I've read, and I had so much fun reading about 'me' running around solving the case."Bex T., Bellevue, NE
"My sister got Night Wolf for me since we're both crazy for werewolves and shapeshifters. I really loved the story, especially the sexy hero (my boyfriend, of course!) & all the exciting action scenes. Plus, how cool was it that I was just as brave as the hero? Down with wimpy heroines! Hope there's a sequel!"Hanna S., Detroit, MI

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