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Full-length Personalized Children's Novel!
Book By You Publishing introduces 'Two Children and It'

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London, Ontario, Canada - November 22, 2002: Book By You® today announced the release of its latest full-length personalized children's novel, Two Children and It. Book By You$reg; is the only company in the world to offer full-length personalized children's novels.

Adults and children co-author their own full-length adventure novel by selecting the names, physical features and places to personalize in this 130-page, professionally bound paperback. With over 20 features to personalize, children can put themselves in the leading role and include friends, relatives or even their favorite TV characters! The character questionnaire, available on the Book By You® website, is fun and easy to complete with three essential characters and features such as hair color and length, eye color, age and address - even include a pet. The story's many personalized characteristics make this book a remarkably individual and unique gift that motivates children to read. To add the finishing touch, Two Children and It is beautifully bound with a personalized front cover.

The "It" in Two Children and It is an ancient and cantankerous Psammead (sand-fairy) that our characters unearth one day while playing in a gravel pit. This magical creature grants our friends a wish a day, with each wish lasting only until sunset. Unfortunately the wishes don't work out as planned and our characters soon learn; be careful what you wish for - you just might get it...

The original story, Five Children and It, was written in the 1800's by noted children's novelist Edith Nesbit. Book By You® has edited, updated and personalized the story for children and parents reading enjoyment. The book is ideal for children of reading age or the novel can be read to younger children as a bedtime story. Themes such as the value of friendship, perseverance and following your dreams are explored and uniquely presented in a manner only possible through a full-length book format.

Michael Pocock, founder of Book By You Publishing, commented, "During these trying times children are surrounded with violence, commercialism and uncertainty. In creating Two Children and It, we wanted to bring back the artful form of storytelling while helping to deliver meaningful themes. We believe we have succeeded and the response from parents and children has been overwhelming. Children are motivated and enticed to read by seeing their own names, along with other familiar people and places, featured in the book. The full-length novel format enables us to present stories that, when combined with personalization, evokes emotions and themes in a fun and entertaining manner. Children love the world of fantasy and their imaginations run wild as their personalized characters cavort throughout this 130-page novel. Two Children and It is vastly different from current personalized picture books that contain little or no story content."

Two Children and It can be purchased for $24.95. For more details and a free personalized preview visit the company's website at https://www.BookByYou.com Click here for a PDF of the entire press release.