The Magician - a personalized childrens book.

The Magician

Magic Tricks and Secrets

130 pages  •  3 characters  •  20 features to customize
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Say "Abracadabra" with The Magician, an exciting story showcasing your little Houdini and a friend as they perform tricks and put on a magic show, all while learning valuable lessons about confidence, loyalty, and friendship. This fascinating book even includes ten magic trick how-tos, explained clearly for kids!   Read More 

In The Magician, our magic-loving, bike-riding hero and a friend teach skateboarding lessons at a local skate park run by a grumpy curmudgeon ironically named Mr. Glad. The friends save a classmate in danger of being swept away by raging waters, but the daring rescue unfortunately leads to the destruction of their new friend Splash's bike.

As the friends help promote Mr. Glad's big Bugaloo Bicycle Race, our hero decides to put on a magic show, hoping to raise the funds to repair Splash's bicycle in time for him to compete in the upcoming race, but even the good-natured fund-raiser may not fix everything. After hearing a rumor that the skate park will be destroyed after the race, our hero and friends kick it into over-drive. Can they save their beloved skate park, or is the bicycle race just a complicated ruse?

With an amazing talent for magic, the star of The Magician entertains with tricks, charm and surprises. He or she support a misunderstood skate park owner and learns about confidence, friendship and loyalty. With a collection of ten thoroughly explained magic tricks designed for children, this book will delight and thrill.

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Applause for The Magician

"My son read the book in two nights but continues to practice the magic tricks. Terrific product - we'll be back for more!"John H., Toronto, ON
"What fun! I bought the ebook version of The Magician and my child loved it! She's showing off the magic tricks to all her friends and having a ball. Thanks for creating a wonderful entertaining and lasting gift!"Jeanie M., Santa Clara, CA
"This was so much fun. My niece is obsessed with magic now, and begging for us to buy her a rabbit she can try to pull out of a hat. Too bad her mom's allergic to bunnies!"Effy L., Duluth, MN

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