Fowl Play - a personalized childrens book.

Fowl Play

Kids Solving Crimes

135 pages  •  3 characters  •  20 features to customize
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You’ll be surprised at the zigzags and complications in Fowl Play as the personalized children characters unravel the threads and solve crimes in this fast-paced, fun book. A professionally bound novel with your child's name and features throughout will inspire them to figure out the mystery themselves.   Read More 

Fowl Play, a Book By You novel, actually offers two mysteries in a single, compelling book! The story begins as the two personalized lead characters witness a blazing fire at an old factory, and are then surprised to spot a mysterious black car abruptly speeding away. When the police investigators discover a break-in at the factory, they're convinced that the fire was set deliberately... and even turn suspicious eyes toward our innocent main characters!

Determined to prove their innocence, the clever young friends turn into detectives themselves, uncovering many clues starting with an engraved wooden box and a stunned rabbit that they rescue from a flood. When a talking parrot adopts the pair, they discover that both the bird and the box belong to a quirky, friendly scientist with a wondrous home filled with seemingly magical inventions and a zoo-full of talented pets.

Just as the mystery of the fire unfolds, our two adventurers are shocked when the chatty parrot is stolen right before their eyes... leading them to a new mystery: where did it go, and why would anyone kidnap a bird?

Our young friends must find out who set the fire: was it the owner of the property himself? A raucous group of local skateboarders? Rival scientists? Someone who wants to build on the factory property? And what's the connection to the missing parrot?

Make a child you know know the star in this great children's adventure story and find out the answers! ...Read Less

Applause for Fowl Play

"Fowl Play is awesome! My youngest son goes crazy for anything with mysteries or puzzles, and putting him at the center of the action was the best birthday present ever. Now his 7-year-old sister wants a copy of her own, too. We'll probably get Secret Code since I know she'll love that too. Thanks!"Rita & Jeremy, Brooklyn, NY
"I'm a parent and a teacher, and I wish our school could buy Fowl Playfor the whole class - it's the perfect way to encourage reading and critical thinking!"Richard B., Chicago, IL
"Fowl Play is such an adventure! I don't know what was more exciting--the story, or having my daughter beg for one more chapter every night. Thanks for the cherished memories, Book By You!"Elle P., Bueno Park, CA

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