Treasure! - a personalized childrens book.


Buried Treasure Adventure

135 pages  •  3 characters  •  20 features to customize
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Imagine finding an invitation to search for treasure that's hidden in your own neighborhood! The two stars of Treasure! use ingenuity and persistence to solve the clues related to a map created more than half a century ago. What will they find? Will a rival get there first? Join the hunt in Treasure!   Read More 

The map found in a beautiful red and gold box hidden in 1956 beckons our two special stars to search for further treasure. They found the box buried in an abandoned garden near their home, but it's even more challenging trying to find a treasure using a map created way back in 1956! The town has certainly changed since then - many of the businesses and stores on the map are gone and the streets have changed.

As the two clever friends search for answers to the clues, they learn about letter writing, recipes, a fascinating woman from the past and find a special hand-made bookmark. A surprising twist of language is the secret that finally pulls the set of eleven clues together. But even with the clues decoded, how can the stars find the treasure in an old garden? Are all the same plants still flourishing there? A brave and comical personalized pet adds to the fun!

Treasure! highlights the values of true friendship, neighborliness, tenacity and cleverness as the main characters resolutely face many challenges. Join the fun and find out the answers to all of the questions - What is the mysterious treasure? Where is it? Was it already found long ago? .,. and so much more!...Read Less

Applause for Treasure!

"My daughter finished reading Treasure and is already wondering where the next book about her is hiding! Thanks for producing such a great story and making her feel special. It's so important for young girls to feel empowered and your story definitely made her feel smart, strong and capable! Many thanks!"Mary K., Everett, WA
"My nephew (9), just finished reading your new book, Treasure, to ME! What a great novel for him to read - he loved having his best friend (and cousin) in the book. The story moved along fast and he stayed interested throughout and read to me every night until we finished. What a joy! It is a fun story and I'm sure it's helped my young nephew develop his love of reading! Thanks, BookByYou - I'm definitely buying another book for Christmas!" Suze N., Nixa, MO
"My youngest had never read a book on her own until we bought her a personalized copy of Treasure! It made me so sad to think of my daughter growing up without a voracious love of reading, but thanks to Book By You, we have enough books to keep her going for at least a year! Thank you so much, it means the world to me."Zena W., Oxford, AL

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