Peter Pan - a personalized classic book.

Peter Pan

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215 pages  •  8 characters  •  21 features to customize
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Experience J.M. Barrie's beloved classic by starring as Peter, Wendy or even Tinker Bell! Book By You presents your personalized edition of Peter Pan. Now you can live the fantasy of flying to magical Neverland!   Read More 

This beloved 1911 novel (also called Peter and Wendy) begins in a chaotic London home, where a girl and two boys live with their parents and an unusual canine nurse. One unforgettable night, Wendy (the oldest and smartest child) meets Peter Pan, a mischievous boy who can fly, who wants her to follow him to Neverland and take care of his troop of Lost Boys.

After Peter teaches Wendy and her brothers how to fly, they launch themselves into the night sky to meet Peter's ragtag crew, accompanied by the tiny fairy Tinker Bell. Adventures soon follow, from saving Princess Tiger Lily to battling with fierce pirates… including the infamous Captain Hook, the leader of the Jolly Roger's motley crew. Hook plans to capture Wendy and destroy Peter Pan once and for all!

With personalized roles for the whole family to play--even adults and a pet can join in--Peter Pan will delight and captivate readers of all ages with its action, humor and poignant tale of childhood. ...Read Less

Applause for Peter Pan

"A beautiful book with mesmerizing prose. And there are so many personalization options! I'm looking forward to reading this to my son when I finally give it to him for his birthday."Tina M., Cedar Grove, NC
"Peter Pan is a touching story that I've been urging my boyfriend to read for our whole relationship. I just ordered him the personalized copy, and I know when it arrives he'll love it as much as I do!"Tucker U., Valley Village, CA
"A favorite of mine as a child, and now, thanks to my wife, I have a new copy to re-read. Such a thoughtful gift. The tickets to the theater I got her for our anniversary just doesn't compare!"Jim B., Columbia, SC

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