Treasure Island - a personalized classic book.

Treasure Island

Cast Off for Adventure

298 pages  •  6 characters  •  19 features to customize
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Cast off for adventure with Book By You's personalized editon of Robert Louis Stevenson's timeless tale of action and suspense, Treasure Island. You and your friends can set sail for excitement with Long John Silver and his infamous crew of pirates!   Read More 

The personalized young hero (Jim Hawkins in the original) begins the tale when he comes into possession of a pirate's log book and a treasure map. When he shows them to family friends Dr. Livesay and Squire Trelawny, they decide to hire a ship, the Hispaniola, to find the riches--and the chase is on, because the old pirates are after their treasure, too!

The Hispaniola's captain makes a dangerous mistake by hiring sea cook Long John Silver, who's secretly after the treasure himself. When the ship sets sail for the high seas and the crew turns to mutiny, Jim faces conflicts between bravery and cowardice, truth and lies, loyalty and betrayal, and responsibility and greed.

Treasure Island’s suspenseful plot, emotional depth, brilliant narration and colorful characters offer plenty of rewards for all. In this swaggering pirate tale, the gold and the seafaring thrills are yours for the taking. A classic novel that will be treasured forever! ...Read Less

Applause for Treasure Island

"My son is not a huge reader and we forgot how long Treasure Island is - he read all 300 pages over the weekend! Maybe it was the pirate eyepatch and bandana we got him to go with the book ; ) Your books really do motivate kids to read!"Jim C., Sarnia, ON
"This story is so much fun. I remember my grandfather reading it to me when I'd spend weekend at his farm as a kid. My husband has never read it, so I'm putting him in the BookByYou version. I know he'll love it as much as I do."Tatiana Z., Salt Lake City, UT
"My mom and stepdad got me this for my birthday, and I liked it so much I'm going to do a book report on it for my class!"Kerr B. (age 11), Jones, AL

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