Fairytale Princess Collection - a personalized classic book.

Fairytale Princess Collection

Famous Tales for Girls

135 pages  •  3 characters  •  12 features to customize
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Introducing the Fairytale Princess Collection, Book By You's anthology of classic fairy tales to send your child's imagination into the magical world of Once Upon A Time and Happily Ever After!   Read More 

Featuring ten different fairytales, the Fairytale Princess Collection spins familiar stories with your favorite princesses and their handsome princes. Rapunzel thwarts a witch and lets down her long hair to her true love, Cinderella dances all night in glass slippers with her Prince Charming. Beauty breaks the Beast's curse with her love. A princess must prove she's real in The Princess & The Pea. Thumbelina embarks on a teeny-tiny adventure on the back of her friend, the Swallow, to find her prince. Sleeping Beauty pricks her finger on a spindle and falls asleep for 100 years, to be woken only by true love’s kiss. Snow White must escape the evil Queen, and hide away in the cottage of the Seven Dwarfs, deep in the woods. The Twelve Dancing Princesses dance until their shoes are worn through every evening, and a young man must discover their secret to break the curse. A young woman travels to the ends of the earth and beyond for her handsome prince in East of the Sun and West of the Moon, and two sisters help break a bear’s curse in Snow White and Rose Red.

Be your child's own fairy godmother, and make her a princess today! ...Read Less

Applause for Fairytale Princess Collection

"I gave The Fairytale Princess Collection to my daughter and she read it from cover to cover in two nights. Then she read it again out loud to her sister - then of course I had to read it! We look forward to reading more of your terrific books!"Dorothy M., North Attleboro, MA
"I got this for my niece and Young Adventurers Collection for my nephew this past Christmas. They can't stop squabbling about who's in the best stories! It's driving my brother nuts, but I'm ecstatic. Best money I ever spent!"Kelly J., Tucson, AZ
"My mom bought me The Fairytale Princess Collection book starring me. I keep rereading it every night and did a book report on it and got and A+. Thank you and I'm hoping this Christmas maybe..."Jenna G., Granville, WV

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