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Character Questionnaire

We recommend that you scan the Viking Hearts character questionnaire below. If you are unsure what to enter for a particular selection, click the Tips link.  After starting the questionnaire, if you need more time click Continue and your information will be saved for two weeks in your shopping cart.

Viking Hearts has 29 selections to personalize. The story revolves around four main characters: our heroine is a stunning and stubborn shieldmaiden, her dedicated best friend and our handsome and fierce Viking hero, and his equally battle-savy best friend.
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Character Information

Heroine's Information
Required 1-20 characters.
(Usual first name - Jen versus Jennifer. Only capitalize the first letter.)
Required 1-25 characters.
(Use maiden name if you select your spouse as hero. Try a Viking-esque version.)
Required 1-20 characters.
(Freya is the default.)
Heroine's Female Friend Information
Required 1-20 characters.
Required 1-25 characters.
Hero's Information
Required 1-20 characters.
Usual first name - Rob versus Robert. Only capitalize the first letter.)
Required 1-25 characters.
(Have fun with it - try a Viking-esque version.)
Hero's Male Friend Information
Required 1-20 characters.
Required 1-25 characters.


Required 1-40 characters.
Required 1-40 characters.

Enter the recipient's name and your name and use the drop-down menu to select the appropriate dedication.

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Additional Copy

Many customers request a duplicate of their hardcover or paperback book. Add a copy to your order and receive 10% off the second book. Perhaps the friend in the story would appreciate a copy? Maybe you want your own book?

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Development Scaffolding (XML)

Heroine's Information
First name:heroinefirstname 
Last name:heroinelastname 
Eye color:heroineeyecolor 
Hair color:heroinehaircolor 
Hair length:heroinehairlength 
Hair style:heroinehairstyle 
Her horse's name:petname 
Heroine's Female Friend Information
Friend's first name:friendfirstname 
Friend's last name:friendlastname 
Friend's eye color:friendeyecolor 
Friend's hair color:friendhaircolor 
Friend's hair length:friendhairlength 
Friend's hair style:friendhairstyle 
Friend's figure:friendfigure 
Hero's Information
First name:herofirstname 
Last name:herolastname 
Eye color:heroeyecolor 
Hair color:herohaircolor 
Hair length:herohairlength 
Hair style:herohairstyle 
Body type:herobody 
Hero's Male Friend Information
First name:villianfirstname 
Last name:villianlastname 
Eye color:villaineyecolor 
Hair color:villainhaircolor 
Hair length:villainhairlength 
Hair style:villainhairstyle 
Body type:villainfigure 

Featured Names Options
3:heroine & hero first names 
1:heroine first & last name 
2:hero first & last name 
Dedication Default
All My Love