Hot Blooded - a personalized romance book.

Hot Blooded

Vampire Romance for Men

195 pages  •  4 characters  •  32 features to customize
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In this personalized vampire romance novel, discover your dark side by starring in an erotic tale of danger, suspense and passion. Will you give up humanity for undying love?   Read More 

Hot Blooded begins with a chance meeting of a down-to-earth college professor and a mysterious, exotic stranger in the shadowy aisles of a library, where their instant attraction catches them both by surprise. But the heated moment is short-lived as the stranger vanishes. Another brief encounter with this intriguing man in black at a party leaves our studious protagonist lusting for more.

The professor's quiet life turns upside down when he and his wild, crazy gal pal decide to track the sexy stranger. Little do they know the tables have turned, and they're the ones being hunted! For this stranger is an immortal vampire, cursed for centuries to stalk the night in search of blood.

The vampire's obsessive hunger for the younger man makes him afraid of losing control and harming the one he so desires. His friend, a cynical scientist, warns him against pursuing a relationship with a human. But after a terrifying attack where both heroes fight for their lives, the couple finally accept their entwined fates.

Night after hot, breathless night, the men grow more intoxicated with each other. But our human protagonist is frustrated both by questions about his lover's past, and by the other man's unwillingness to consummate their steamy sexual relationship. When the truth comes out, they are forced apart; the vampire, by his worry of savaging his mortal beloved -- an inevitable result of their having sex -- and the professor by the unsavory thought of becoming his partner's next meal.

Can this tortured pair find happiness? Will the vampire give in to his craving and make the professor his mate -- whether the mortal wishes it or not? Hot Blooded is a classic yet modern gothic romance filled with shocking twists, unexpected rivals, terrifying threats... and otherworldly lust.

Remember: You co-author Hot Blooded by selecting the two heroes, their best friends, and even your dog or cat! Hot Blooded is 195 pages, professionally bound, with more than 30 characteristics to personalize and a customized cover. A truly unique gift that will be cherished forever. ...Read Less

Applause for Hot Blooded

"Holy smokes, I need a cold shower! This is so hot AND it punched me right in the heart. My friend bought Hot Blooded for me as a joke birthday present (starring me and Henry Cavill), but the joke's on them! Best present ever!"Kaden H., Abingdon, MD
"Your Hot Blooded synopsis said this was your HOTTEST book and it certainly took us to a new level in terms of steam. We loved it!"Cedric M., Bonita Beach, FL
"My partner got Hot Blooded for me. I love it but I have a request.... you need more same-sex books! Serious off the chart amazing job and great idea!"Dennis C., St. Louis, MO

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