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The full questionnaire has 8 characters and 21 features to personalize.

"Peter Pan" Information

A stubborn, mischievous boy who lives for fun and adventure. Refusing to grow up, he flies, fights pirates, and communicates with creatures from mermaids to fairies. Note: the last name will be used in the intro; in the excerpt and book he will usually be referred to as "(First name) Pan."

"Wendy" Information

The smart and caring girl who befriends Peter and flies off to be a 'mother' for him and the Lost Boys. Despite her idealistic and responsible ways, she has a streak of adventurism to her.

"Tinker Bell" Information

Tinker Bell, a tiny fairy, is Peter Pan's loyal companion who's very jealous of anyone who befriends him... especially Wendy. She's often impish and naughty. (Note: this character will be referred to as ___ Bell.)

"John" Information

Wendy's younger brother is argumentative, smart, and brave though he’s also captivated by pirates and is briefly tempted to become one. Can't think of anyone? Enter "John" as the default name.

"Michael" Information

The youngest of the three siblings, Michael is sometimes scared by the unusual events, he shows lots of spirit and courage. Can't think of anyone? Enter "Michael" as the default name.