Heist - a personalized teen book.


Action Suspense Thriller

170 pages  •  4 characters  •  31 features to customize
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Embark on a race against time in this adventure spanning two centuries! Solve a thrilling mystery when a thief breaks into a museum, and yet steals nothing.   Read More 

In Heist, our heroine is a tenacious young museum intern, hoping that a summer of art conservation will help her realize her career ambitions. But in the midst of preparations for an upcoming local art exhibit, a violent thief breaks into the museum; strangely, nothing is missing. With the museum staff and the local police department scratching their heads, our intern digs a little deeper and comes to suspect that one painting in particular may be the key to unraveling a centuries-old mystery.

The break-in at the museum lands in the lap of our hero, the youngest detective in the department's history. He's not buying the tales our intern is spinning. In fact, he's almost certain the break-in was an inside job, and he believes that our heroine (who happened to be the first employee to arrive at the scene of the crime) may have something to do with it.

After the astonishing discovery of a treasure map hidden in a painting, our heroine is certain she knows the thief's motive, but the detective has his doubts. With the help of her best friend (a budding art historian) and our hero's adventure-seeking pilot buddy, they must race to hunt down the truth (and the gold) before the dangerous thief finds them. Filled with historical puzzles and nail-biting fights, Heist is a thrilling mystery spanning two centuries.

You co-author this riveting page-turner by selecting the heroine, hero, and their best friends! You can even personalize the heroine's pet! Heist is a professionally bound, full-length novel with over 30 characteristics to personalize. And with a personalize-able front cover, this is a unique gift that readers won't be able to put it down! ...Read Less

Applause for Heist

"My daughter loved reading Heist! When I ordered it for her birthday, I personalized it with her best friend, plus two members of One Direction (Harry and Liam) as the male stars and she could not have been more thrilled! She's been showing it to all her friends."Marcy P., New York, NY
"So much fun to read! And, as an Art History major, I felt like I was living my own dream!"India E., Portland, OR
"What a great read! My son loved it - a detective story with a twist starring him and all my friends . Best gift ever - thanks Book By You!"John M., Seattle WA

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