Prom and Prejudice - a personalized teen book.

Prom and Prejudice

High School Teen Antics

154 pages  •  4 characters  •  32 features to customize
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Dive into the fun and frenzy of high school life in Prom and Prejudice, a personalized novel specially written for teens, preteens and kids of all ages! From the thrills of a homecoming football game to the glamour of prom night, our hero and heroine's senior year in high school finds them swept up in practical jokes, risky schemes, surprising revelations, secret loyalties, and above all, a rivalry that could blossom into a lifelong friendship.   Read More 

The adventure starts with the school year, introducing a young football star and his crowd of friends. Our hero is good-natured, smart and brave, but also a competitive prankster, and mistakenly gets involved in what could be a humiliating trick on prom night. The target is our heroine, a clever, talented cheerleader whose ethics cause a bitter ex-squad member to plot her revenge.

Our hero and heroine were once best friends, but lately have only traded wisecracks and pranks. The tension between them is as sharp as a knife, made worse thanks to the football player's seemingly unstoppable delight in teasing the cheerleader and her loyal group of pals.

As the school year progresses, eventually our young hero realizes that he not only needs our heroine's help to study, but also craves a return to their close friendship - but how can our heroine believe that he's had a change of heart? Will she agree to his latest scheme? Can he win her and her friends' trust? And can either of them stop the prom night from being ruined by a devastating act of betrayal?

Surrounded by funny and eccentric characters, the teenagers get caught up in one scheme after another. You can personalize four of our lead characters: the athletic, prank-loving football hero; the smart, funny and talented cheerleading heroine; a quirky, brilliant but somewhat clumsy young teen; and the loyal, stubborn, fun-loving girl who's our heroine's best friend. ...Read Less

Applause for Prom and Prejudice

"I bought Prom & Prejudice for my younger brother, who's 12 and obsessed with football. He and his best friend (he 'played' the heroine's funny sidekick) thought it was hilarious. My brother loved that he got to be the star player who saves the day without being a perfect goody-two-shoes. I'll be buying my own copy so me and my boyfriend can play the leads. Thanks!"Mina C., Camden, NJ
"My daughter's growing up with Book By You! A few years back I purchased The Golden Key for Sarah, and now that she's a little older the newer book was the perfect birthday gift. Sarah couldn't wait to finish the story to see how "her" prom night turned out. In fact, she's already asking for a sequel so she can pretend she's entering college!"Val F., Victoria, BC
"This book was so cute, I can't stop thinking about it. I'll definitely order more!"Deedee J., Killeen, TX

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