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"Robin Hood" Information

Robin Hood (whose real name is Robin Fitzooth) is a bold, daring adventurer with a kind heart and a passion for justice--along with a mischievous streak. Though born into wealth, Robin sides with the underdog and has turned into an outlaw to steal from the rich to give to the poor. Note: in the excerpt and book he will often be referred to as "(First name) Hood."

"Maid Marian" Information

Maid Marian is both beautiful and brave. Though she is a noblewoman, she falls in love with Robin Hood and remains true even when he is hunted by the law. She disguises herself as a young man to find Robin.

"Little John" Information

Robin Hood's close friend, Little John is jokingly named--he is a large, strong man who, like Robin, fights for justice. Though he has a quick temper, he is a loyal and courageous ally.