Fifty Shades of Gay F/F - a personalized romance book.

Fifty Shades of Gay F/F

Erotic Parody for Women

240 pages  •  4 characters  •  26 features to customize
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In Fifty Shades of Gay , we take a satirical, personalized poke at the wildly popular book by E.L. James. Partake of some queer debauchery with our heroine, a high-powered CEO who cracks the whip and keeps her lady love begging for more!   Read More 

Our heroine is a rich and glamorous business owner with a penchant for control... in all aspects of life. She carries a dirty secret in the curl of her smile. When a handsome butch trips and lands face down on her office floor, the theme of their relationship establishes itself, and her big secret is slowly revealed. The CEO's new lover causes a stir somewhere within her, and she finds herself unable to focus on anything else. She needs her in the playroom, now!

But not everything goes smoothly for the pair as things heat up and the humor starts to roll. It soon becomes obvious that the young butch woman has a secret of her own, and it's one she should've mentioned earlier. From a bed that literally catches fire to the sting of soap in the eye, each of them may be getting more than they bargained for, with a partnership that's sexually adventurous, physically risky, and, just maybe, highly romantic.

Available in both paperback and hardcover, your book will look stunning on your coffee table or bookshelf. And now, Fifty Shades of Gay F/F is also available as an ebook! What a wonderful gift idea for all occasions! Why read between the lines when you can read between the sheets? ...Read Less

Applause for Fifty Shades of Gay F/F

"I received this for my birthday from my partner and we read some scenes from the book at my party. It was a huge hit and we read the rest later at home and couldn't stop laughing - and there was sizzle for sure. Our photo on the cover was from when we tied the knot and was touching. We're coming back for more!"Darcy B., San Fran, CA
"Grabbed this for my friend for her wedding present, and I made the mistake of flipping through it first. Not sure I'll ever be able to look her (or her wife) in the eye again, but it's definitely hot, and they enjoyed it!"Danny S., Cedar Falls, IA
"So funny and somehow still very sweet? I'm having a hard time grasping how the author pulled this off! I would recommend it to the family, but given the subject matter it might make Thanksgiving Dinner kind of awkward."Carrie D., Greeley, CO

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