Over the Moon - a personalized romance book.

Over the Moon

Love in Space for Women

205 pages  •  4 characters  •  31 features to customize
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Explore a universe of desire at the speed of light as you travel the galaxy in this futuristic adventure packed with high stakes excitement…and love that’s literally out of this world!   Read More 

Soar "Over the Moon" with our authoritative heroine, a starship commander with a reputation for taking risks, gambling, and charming ladies across the galaxy. Naturally, when such a fun-loving rogue is assigned to escort a famously demanding diplomat on a mission of peace, she's less than enthusiastic.

Enter our other heroine, a gorgeous diplomat famed throughout the galaxy for her savvy ability to soothe even the most brutish aliens. Her goal is to negotiate peace among several warring races -- "and she fears the notorious commander won't take the mission seriously. But once they meet, she's torn between disapproval of the commander's reckless ways and a powerful -- "but secret -- "attraction.

The commander is intrigued by this lovely but prim diplomat, who's nothing like the countless hot alien babes she's wooed in the past. But the diplomat's cool disdain frustrates the commander, and the two clash heatedly as they fly across space to their mission. Can such battling wits broker peace?

When they meet the alien ambassadors, our heroines must deal with everyone from vicious warriors to ethereal tree-people to cantankerous blobs, each group with its own agenda. The situation quickly turns frightening when rebels sabotage the proceedings and our leads and their fellow delegates are captured. Our heroic diplomat uses all her courage and negotiating skills to save the hostages... while our roguish commander's brains and blaster prowess must protect the heroine, who reveals a reckless streak almost as long as the commander's!

Soon the pair -- "together with the diplomat's best friend (a reporter) and the commander's pal (the ship's first officer) -- "fight for their lives and the future of everyone throughout their corner of space. And come to discover that love is the most powerful force in the universe!

Nail-biting tension, daring rescues, exotic and otherworldly landscapes, sexy encounters, and life-and-death struggles -- "they're all in "Over the Moon"! Blast off for a thrilling, action-packed adventure you'll never forget.

Remember: You co-author "Over the Moon" by selecting the heroines and their best friends - and even your dog or cat! The novel is 195 professionally bound pages, with more than thirty characteristics to personalize, making it a gift that is truly unique and sentimental. A gift that will be cherished forever. ...Read Less

Applause for Over the Moon

"My oh my what an amazing gift for Trekkies and everything Star Wars! How did my partner find a same-sex romance novel with our ever-beloved space command posts, interstellar travel and the danger and excitement... Over the Moon was out of this world. Thank you Book By You - we are hooked on your books!"Becca S., Woodstock, NY
"Many thanks for an amazing product. How you came up with this idea? It made our anniversary special!"Gena B., Clarksdale, MS
"My partner and I commanding space ships and flying around the interstellar saving worlds from space nasties was a blast. And romantic... Sign us up for the sequel!"Kathy L., Tupelo, MS

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