Sherlock Holmes - a personalized classic book.

Sherlock Holmes

Star in Conan Doyle's Classic

295 pages  •  5 characters  •  15 features to customize
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Solve perplexing mysteries as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's legendary detective in The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Step into the shoes of this famous detective and visit Victorian England to solve a host of baffling mysteries.   Read More 

This influential 1893 compilation consists of twelve suspenseful tales of family secrets, dastardly conspiracies and international intrigue. Narrator Dr. John Watson is the steadfast friend and colleague of world-renowned sleuth Sherlock Holmes, the quick-witted, eccentric genius. Assisted by Watson, Holmes uses his razor-sharp mind to uncover the mysteries lurking throughout England, from the dark cobblestone streets of metropolitan London to misty, lonely estates in the countryside.

Can you expose scandals, recover lost jewels and missing persons, and save your clients from grave danger? Along the way, you’ll meet unforgettable and customizable characters such as police inspector Lestrade, loyal landlady Mrs. Hudson and the elusive, exasperating beauty Irene Adler (or, as Holmes calls her, 'the woman').

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes will enthrall you with every riveting page. This unique personalized classic edition starring you will be treasured forever! ...Read Less

Applause for Sherlock Holmes

"We were having problems selecting a gift for our teen grandson but know he's a ravenous reader. His personalised edition of Sherlock Holmes arrived quickly and was a huge hit! Thanks to one-and-all at Book By You!"Clark F., Devon, UK
"After developing an obsession with the 2010 series Sherlock, I splurged on a personalized copy of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. I kept Holmes and Watson as themselves, but made myself Irene Adler, and it was such a delight to read!"Elyse W., Roma, Italy
"This is a must-have for any Sherlockian. It's indescribably satisfying to read about yourself solving mysteries with uncanny deductive powers. What a blast!"Jayson V., Nantucket, MA

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