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The Wizard of Oz

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"Dorothy Gale" Information

Our heroine, a young orphan girl whose little black dog is her only friend on the harsh gray plains of Kansas. When a cyclone sweeps Dorothy and her dog away to a mystical land, the young girl must embark on a fantastic journey to find her way home.

"Scarecrow" Information

The first friend Dorothy encounters along the Yellow Brick Road, Scarecrow fears he's sorely lacking in smarts and plans to ask the Wizard of Oz for some brains. But as his journey with Dorothy unfolds, we realize Scarecrow may be quite a bit smarter than he gives himself credit for!

"The Tin Woodman" Information

Rescued from rusty misfortune by Dorothy and Scarecrow, the Tin Man joins their journey, hoping to entreat the Wizard for a heart, having discovered his missing. But the Tin Man's kindness and caring for his fellow friends and creatures may prove otherwise.

"The Cowardly Lion" Information

Afraid of even harmless little Toto, the Cowardly Lion joins Dorothy and friends on their journey with the intention of gaining some courage from Oz, the Great and Powerful. His trip through Oz tests not only his friendship but his mettle.