The Amulet - a personalized childrens book.

The Amulet

Magic and Adventure

150 pages  •  3 characters  •  18 features to customize
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Discover The Amulet , a Book By You adventure that sweeps your child off into a world of exploration and magic! A trip to Pharaoh's temple, a ride on a Phoenician ship, and a fast zip into the future are just some of the escapades waiting to be enjoyed!   Read More 

The Amulet is the sequel to Two Children and It, which first introduced readers to the mysterious sand-fairy creature called the Psammead. Don't worry if you haven't read Two Children and It yet - The Amulet stands alone as well.

This time, the Psammead joins the children on a journey across a magical backdrop in a search for their favorite and beloved pet - guided by an ancient amulet. Traveling through time, the youngsters experience a number of exploits first hand -- they make friends with an Egyptian, introduce a sea captain to a compass, and help place a major archeological find in a museum.

Based on Edith Nesbit's classic children's fantasy novel published in 1906, The Story of the Amulet, the Book By You version, The Amulet is one of five in our Edith Nesbit collection. These are wonderful stories, updated, edited and personalized by Book By You, where themes such as the value of friendship, perseverance and following your dreams are explored and uniquely presented in a manner only possible through a full-length personalized story. Take a look at the other Book By You personalized books in the Nesbit collection: The Phoenix and the Carpet, Two Children and It, The Enchanted Castle and The Book of Dragons.

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Applause for The Amulet

"Thank you so much for this amazing book! My daughter loved The Amulet and has shown it to her friends, who are now begging for their own copies!"Gerry S., Crystal Lake, IA
"The Amulet is my favorite of your books so far. It's great because I'm the star and get to travel all over the world. My sister Kara loved it too, and I think my dad is getting it for her birthday this year!"Samara J., Kingston, ON
"Getting presents for my grandchildren isn't easy, especially because they're twins and we're always trying to find different unique gifts for each of them. This year was a triumph thanks to your books The Amulet and Two Children & It. Thank you thank you thank you!"Karen D., Adamsville, AL

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