Fierce Moon - a personalized romance book.

Fierce Moon

Werewolf Mystery

216 pages  •  3 characters  •  26 features to customize
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In this personalized werewolf romance novel, our heroine is swept back in time and meets a dashing detective whose secret identity turns deadly... whenever the full moon rises.    Read More 

Fierce Moon begins when our modern, mystery-loving heroine is swept back in time to Victorian England, where she meets a brilliant, renowned and very sexy detective, a real-life Sherlock Holmes who challenges and captivates our heroine as no man has before. While our heroine adapts her 21st-century ways to the 1890s, her independent spirit, beauty and intellect attract and intrigue the genius detective. Our hero quickly suspects something is different about this passionate woman. Together they attend a glamorous gala, solve a jewel heist, and enjoy romantic carriage rides. But there's a dark side to Victorian London. The gas-lit streets turn deadly at night, thanks to a vicious serial killer called The Beast.

Our heroine, helped by her friend who runs the boarding house where many of the victims lived, is determined to stop the Beast's reign of terror over London. She thinks she's safe by the side of her detective hero. What she doesn't know is that his rational, sophisticated demeanor masks a wild side: each month under the light of the full moon, he's cursed to become a werewolf. Is this renowned detective actually guilty of the horrific crimes he's vowed to solve? Is his own alter ego a danger to the woman he loves? And what will our heroine do when the trail of clues leads her right to the hero's door?

Mystery, time travel, magic, and a werewolf... all in one romantic, breathless adventure! Fierce Moon takes you to a past filled with intrigue, danger, and passion.

Remember: You co-author Fierce Moon by selecting the heroine, hero and heroine's best friend - and even your dog or cat!

Fierce Moon is 200 pages, professionally bound, with 27 characteristics to personalize making it a gift that is truly unique and sentimental. With its personalized front cover, this book will look stunning on your coffee table or bookshelf. What a wonderful gift idea for all occasions! Why read between the lines when you can read between the sheets?

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Applause for Fierce Moon

"A mystery, time-travel and romance all in one book. Then for a bit more excitement add a werewolf! Action-packed with a twist at the end we never saw coming! Our best friends personalized Fierce Moon for us last year for Christmas and we've been back for more. Well done!"Jack Parsens, Miami, FL
"I'm in love with sagas like Twilight, True Blood and the Anita Blake books, and my fiance knew Fierce Moon would be perfect for my birthday gift. He was right! (Especially since he played the sexy cool genius hero with the secret wild side. Grrrrowl!) The time travel aspect was icing on the yummy cake. This cries out for a sequel. More soon, please!"Annie T., Oakland, CA
"What a fabulous book. Very timely too, as I've been reading Sherlock Holmes lately and so I truly enjoyed the ability to put myself 'inside' the mystery. Well-written and great fun. I'll be buying this for a couple of my friends who'll get a real kick out of this clever idea!"Micah M., Portland, ME

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