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The full questionnaire has 9 characters and 22 features to personalize.

"Elinor Dashwood" Information

Our heroine, the oldest of three sisters, is compassionate, responsible, and kind. Elinor is the center of her family and her wisdom and discretion earn her many admirers. Note: her last name will be the same as Marianne's.

"Marianne Dashwood" Information

Our second heroine is the middle daughter, a passionate young woman whose reckless, open-hearted nature leads her to take scandalous risks. Note: her last name will be the same as Elinor's. (Can't think of a name? Use an actor or celebrity... or the original character name.)

"Edward Ferrars" Information

Elinor and Marianne's brother-in-law, Edward is the possible inheritor of his family fortune. Unlike his relatives, he is shy, honorable, generous, and kind; he's drawn to Elinor's quiet grace despite her poor financial circumstances. However, a secret from his past means he must choose between love and honor.

"John Wilhoughby" Information

Willoughby is everything a romantic young woman could want: handsome, charming, rich, and more than a little rakish. But are his intentions toward Marianne honorable?