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"Emma Woodhouse" Information

Our lovely heroine believes she knows all there is to understand about matters of the heart. Stubborn, headstrong Emma tries to play matchmaker and mentor to her friends, while exchanging friendly banter with her beloved brother-in-law, Mr. Knightley. Emma's plans invariably unravel in hilariously unexpected ways.

"Mr. Knightley" Information

The brother of Emma's sister's husband, Mr. Knightley is wise, good-humored, and gallant--and he greatly admires Emma, despite disapproving of her meddling ways. Their stubborn natures clash and at times their friendship seems doomed--especially when Emma suspects he's fallen in love with another woman. Note: please just include the last name.

"Harriet Smith" Information

Harriet is a sweet, simple but easily manipulated young woman whom Emma takes under her wing, determined to switch Harriet's feelings from the simple farmer Harriet loves to a more socially suitable gentleman of Emma's choosing: the local vicar, Mr. Elton.

"Robert Martin" Information

Down-to-earth Robert Martin is a young farmer and tenant on Mr. Knightey's estate, and an ardent admirer of Harriet Smith. Emma worries that a marriage to Mr. Martin would take Harriet out of Emma's social circle.

"Mr. Elton" Information

Elton is the local vicar whose fawning, falsely modest demeanor masks an ambitious desire to rise in his station--particularly through marriage.