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Now it's time to have some fun:
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We've selected three excerpts from Vampire Kisses for you to personalize and preview.  In the form below, fill in the heroine and hero's characteristics, then select the preview button at the bottom of the page.

Voila! The text from the book now contains your feature information. It's the most romantic gift imaginable! If you enjoy the preview, please feel free to email it to a friend.

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Preview Character Questionnaire

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  Hero's Information:
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Readers Applaud Vampire Kisses:

"I'm a huge fan of vampires, from Twilight to Lestat to True Blood and Moonlight, and now - thanks to my wonderful husband - I'm starring in (and getting my own) Vampire Kisses! So much fun and very very sexy. Thanks, BookByYou!"
Alicia M., CA, USA
"There are no vampire slayers in this book and Buffy pales in comparison to my wife who was the heroine. When is the sequel?..."
John R., RI, USA
"The mark of a good book is that you can't put it down - from cover to cover in one sitting and I want more. A book you can really sink your teeth into..."
Darci S., OR, USA

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