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Gifts for Couples - purchase a personalized book and eBook.

Gifts for Couples

Have a couple you need a gift for? Look no further, Book By You has the best personalized gift going - a customized novel! Looking for something steamy for them to read between the sheets - our personalized romance novels will heat up the bedroom. Maybe they are more the mysterious type - then try our personalize mystery novels where they solve the crime! If they are more into classic literature we have a full lineup of personalized classics. .

Whether it's for an anniversary, wedding or a Christmas gift - Book By You has a personalized book that will fit the occasion. Here's a list of our best personalized books for couples compiled from our romance, mystery and classic titles. Can't decide - give a gift certificate

Personalize the book Love's Next Door for a gift.
Love's Next Door

The first of our personalized romance novels, Love's Next Door has received rave reviews from around the world. Passion and humor - the way romance was meant to be! Imagine going back to your old neighborhood and falling in love...

Personalize the book Click for Love for a gift.
Click for Love

In Click for Love, our alluring heroine and dashing hero discover how passion and even true romance are just a click away. With instant messages that speak to their hearts and chemistry that make their knees weak, can they untangle their web of love?

Personalize the book Fifty Shades of You for a gift.
Fifty Shades of You

In Fifty Shades of You, our powerful and composed heroine suddenly finds herself at risk of losing control when she meets our hero, a kindhearted college student with little experience in the areas of romance, or life in general. Somehow, his vanilla existence captivates her, and soon the two are spiralling through a universe of passion and pleasure -- and a fair bit of destruction.

This book includes profanity and descriptive sexual scenes that some readers might find offensive.

Personalize the book Vampire Kisses for a gift.
Vampire Kisses

In the darkly seductive Vampire Kisses, a college researcher lives a secret life: when night falls, he's a vampire! Can our heroine, a vivacious beauty with a penchant for research of her own, kickstart his non-beating heart?

Personalize the book Pirates of Desire for a gift.
Pirates of Desire

In Pirates of Desire, our heroine is a stunning aristocrat who yearns to be a swashbuckling buccaneer - until she's captured by our hero, a handsome pirate rogue with a price on his head.

Is our leading lady his willing prisoner of passion?

Personalize the book Fierce Moon for a gift.
Fierce Moon

In Fierce Moon, our heroine goes back in time to Victorian England and joins a brilliant, dashing detective on the hunt for a serial killer. But the detective hides a deadly secret: when the full moon rises, this sophisticated genius turns into a savage werewolf! Who's the real beast terrorizing London? A breathless thriller that will drive you wild with suspense and romance!

Personalize the book The Secret Adversary for a gift.
The Secret Adversary

Agatha Christie's beloved mystery, starring the incomparable Tommy Beresford and Tuppance Cowley, gets personal. You and a friend become Agatha's tenacious investigators, and find Jane Finn and her treaty papers before a fringe communist group. Follow in their footsteps as Tommy and Tuppance face friend, foe, and many a dead end on their harrowing quest to save a nation.

Personalize the book Pride and Prejudice for a gift.
Pride and Prejudice

From Classic Book By You: Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, one of the most beloved love stories of all time, Our version of this witty and romantic tale lets you play the role of clever, feisty heroine Elizabeth Bennett or handsome, haughty hero Mr. Darcy as they clash their way through misunderstandings and false impressions... and fall in love.

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Personalized Gifts for Couples - buy a book and eBook for christmas, birthday, or christmas.
A mystery, time-travel and romance all in one book. Then for a bit more excitement add a werewolf! Action-packed with a twist at the end we never saw coming! Our best friends personalized Fierce Moon for us last year for Christmas and we've been back for more. Well done!
- Jack Parsens, Miami, FL
The Secret Adversary was wonderful! Our kids gave us the book for our anniversary and we loved it. My wife and I were the stars in this classic mystery. BTW - my wife thinks your book covers are a work of art!
- Jon Cranston, Kelowna BC
"My girlfriend showed me my name on the cover of Racing Hearts and I almost fell out of my chair. When I started reading we were 'driven away' by the story. It's like being at Daytona, only better because I took home the ultimate prize."
- Ritchie M., Ont., CA