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  • Explore the dark, paranormal romance of Black Lace, where a young man is captured (and captivated) by our heroine, a lethal vampire who must feeds on a human's life-force. Perfect for teens and young adults who prefer their Valentines to have a real bite! Released February 1st.

  • Fall in love with a magic world in Sea Spell, our new personalized romance fantasy novel for teens and young adults released November 3, 2011! Click here for a press release.

  • Fans of the hit musical Phantom of the Opera and the countless film/TV adaptations of Sherlock Holmes will love our new personalized classics: The Phantom of the Opera and The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, launched Fall 2011. (Click thumbnails below for full-size photos.)
  • Personalized Phantom of the Opera: Book By You founder Mike Pocock as the Phantom
  • Personalized Phantom of the Opera: Christine prepares to unmask the Phantom
  • Personalized Sherlock Holmes: Founder Mike Pocock as the great detective
  • To celebrate the first anniversary of Teen Book By You® and the release of our two latest werewolf romance novels, we're holding our first-ever contest: a Wolf Howl video competition! Fans of the RomanceByYou or TeenBookByYou Facebook pages can enter to win a chance at receiving free personalized novels, and the ultimate winner will also get a role in our next release! Visit the official contest site for details.

  • Go wild with Night Wolf, our latest personalized romance novel for teens and young adults with a fantasy/mystery twist released July 13, 2010! Click here for a press release.

  • To celebrate the release of our personalized teen vampire romance First Bite, we've purchased engraved stones at The View Point Inn, the romantic site where Bella Swan and Edward Cullen (Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson) declared their love in the hit film adaptation of Stephanie Meyer's Twilight. Book By You Publishing bought these Twilight Walk of Fame bricks (commemorating both of our vampire romances, First Bite and Vampire Kisses) to support and help preserve this classic Inn setting so it lasts as long as Bella and Edward's love: forever! Click the thumbnails below to view the full images of this stunning setting and our own contribution to its legacy. And if you make the Twilight trek to The View Point Inn, stop by to check out the First Bite and Vampire Kisses bricks on the Twilight Walk of Fame!

First Bite and Vampire Kisses on the Walk of Fame Filming at the View Point Inn the Twilight Walk of Fame
Click the thumbnails above to view the full images.
  • First Bite and Vampire Kisses on The View Point Inn Twilight Walk of Fame
  • Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) filming at the lovely View Point Inn
  • The View Point Inn Twilight Walk of Fame

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This is how it all started in 1999!

Book By You interview on CityTV

Pictured left: Book By You® Publisher Michael Pocock appearing on CityTV with host Ann Rower.

Click the TV image to watch the video interview.


Radio Interview with Australia Broadcasting!
Book By You, Publisher, Michael Pocock at book launch of 'Tropical Treasure'.

Pictured left: Publisher Michael Pocock in outback attire at the Tropical Treasure launch party.

To hear a radio interview 'down under' with Australia Broadcasting Corp's Breakfast show host, Vivian Schenker, and Michael Pocock, Publisher of Book By You®, click here  Listen to this story (Real Audio)

In this interview, Vivian and Michael discuss the release of Tropical Treasure, Book By You®'s reality TV based personalized romance novel.

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