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First Bite
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The full character questionnaire has four main characters and more than
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If you can't think of a heroine, try Kristen Stewart,
Blake Lively or Dakota Fanning.)
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female friend:
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Can't think of a hero? Consider Robert Pattinson, Nick Jonas or Taylor Lautner!)
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Our readers respond

"Wow! I got this book for my birthday from my BFF who knows I love Twilight and all things vampirey. It was amazing! So fun to star opposite a certain guy who'll remain nameless, playing the ultimate sexy bad boy. My friend was in it too and her character was just like her, BTW. I demand a sequel NOW! Just kidding but seriously, I'd buy it in a second. I want more!!! "
- Sofie M., WI, USA

"Gave my 15-year-old 'First Bite' since she's such a fan of supernatural novels. She was thrilled and couldn't wait to show her friends her own gothic love story. (...) I especially like that the leads are both smart and love books, and though there's plenty of passion things aren't too 'adult' or graphic. Though I'm sure my daughter wouldn't have minded, considering how 'hot' the hero was (her words)."
- Merrilee K., AZ, USA

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